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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35


    When I was 13, at least close to 13, I watched an abnormal amount of porn. Once, while my family was having a cookout, my uncle came in my room and caught me jerking off. I was watching a video with a shemale so he thought I was gay.

    He completely blackmailed me into jerking him off. He told me he would tell my parents if I didnt make him cum.

    I was terrified. I was crying. But he pulled his dick out and stood in front of me. I slowly reach out and grabbed it, I could feel blood pumping into every second.

    To me, it felt gigantic, but I had never felt another one before. I started jerking it. Just like the videos. And after about 2 minutes, he shot a load. First stream landed on my pants, the rest fell to the floor.

    As weird as it is, by the end of it, I was turned on. I had stopped crying, and my dick was as hard as it has ever been. After he left, I decided to finish myself off. All I did was touch it. I shot thick stream after thick stream with more force than Id ever had before.

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