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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 48

    Kid stuff. I was on a swim team and we were in the fifth grade and my friend and I had been practicing in the pool and we were in the dressing room and he took off his swimsuit and he had a hard pecker. Not hesitating I took his pecker in my mouth and sucked on him. His pecker was cold from the pool, but it got hot pretty quick and he had a dry orgasm and said his pecker hurt.

    I sucked him so much, almost every day we had practice. He got hard in an instant and he loved being sucked. You get older and you get a guy and all he wants to do is fuck your head off. When we were kids we sucked for fun, and we could get the whole pecker in our mouth and when we learned to cum, it was even better.

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