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    Gay Male / 51

    Job in sub Saharan Africa. The other engineer that went with me was an older man was from Colombia. We shared a room at the camp. From the beginning he took a shower before dinner after the day in the field, he just stayed naked until it was time to dress for dinner. He would lay on his bed and ask me to join him, to get naked. I told him I didn't swing that way and he answered that I didn't know.

    The day I gave in he was getting dressed, he had on a shirt but was otherwise naked. I was sitting on the chair, he walked over to me and offered me his penis. Why I agreed I really don't know. I let him put his penis on my lips and I took it in my mouth. I cried in my bed that night. But it was too late, I had to suck him every night and get on his bed naked with him, let him screw me. I tried not to kiss him but I failed there too. It was scary too, the country we were in it was illegal to be gay. I didn't feel gay, but he was definitely gay and we were having gay sex.

    When my minimum commitment came up I resigned and never went back. But I can't stop looking for men to have sex with. I don't want to know their names, I use an alias. It has been twenty three years and I prefer
    Latinos. I will top, I am versatile, but I prefer to bottom. The truth is I am gay.

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