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    Straight Female / 41

    Truly never meant to cheat but this happened and I feel awful. My husband and I went out to celebrate a promotion and drank way too much.

    We met these two guys my husbands age and were doing shots. We were too wasted and o drive so this one man gave us a ride. My husband was straight passing out and we got home he was straight on the bed. I walked back out to the garage to close it and the guy was still turning his car around. He yells out the window nightcap.

    And like a fool I was like ok. This guy was married with kids so maybe I just didnât think. Anyhow you can tell the rest. He came in to me and I let him. We have this bonus room above the garage and we went up and he pulled my panties off pushed the skirt off and we did it in the floor.

    Worst part is I did like it. Or worst part is when I told him not to come he did anyway. Or the worst part is I canât get his orgasm out of my mind.

    I have never felt guilt like this because itâs confusing.

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    Was he so much better in the sack you're thinking of fucking him again?

    Do you think you might be pregnant?

    Do you think he'll blab to your husband about what an easy lay you are?

    Do you think anything will be improved by confessing to your husband?

    If the answers are all "no" keep your mouth shut and deal with it on your own. The guilt will wear off after a while as long as you don't get more strange.
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    "The worst part" that you like talking about is that--- you behaved in this totally irresponsible way. Feral.
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    You are a WHORE you took vows and broke them tell your husband and if he is ok then no harm if not he should kick your whore ass to the curb. the drinking is your excuse. unless you are in an open marriage but you didn't say that.
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    The first 3 Comments are total shit.
    I think you should ignore them completely.

    First of all, you're not a whore or irresponsible or any of that crap.
    That's exactly what you don't need to hear.
    You're a happily married mature woman who is no doubt very sexy.

    Women inherently feel guilty because our culture imbues that in them.
    You feel guilty because you fucked another man while you husband was passed out.
    OMG ! Shame on you ! You're terrible ! Blah Blah Blah ...

    Not true. You're a good person and great wife or you wouldn't be so concerned.
    Women post some really extreme shit on this site all the time.
    Browse around and check it out.

    After you read some other posts, what you did is nothing in comparison.
    Though maybe that's true, it is still way easier for me to say that than you.
    Because what you did is VERY upsetting to you or you wouldn't have posted this story.
    So that's why I'm writing this comment.

    Answer me this.
    Had you been sober, this never would've happened, right?
    No. Of course not.
    That's because you love your husband and you feel that cheating is wrong.

    Ok. So you got drunk and you fucked a stranger.
    And you've owned up to it.
    You admit you made the choice to fuck him.
    Well, guess what?
    You're human like the rest of us.
    You dropped the ball.
    You fucked up.
    Or you fucked down, I guess because you were on the floor.

    Point is, it happened.
    But now, you need to get over it.
    Put it aside. no more guilt. Ever.

    Ok, you over it now?

    Now change your angle of thinking, step outside the box.
    Get naked and then look at yourself for awhile in a full-length mirror.

    Do you like what you see?
    You should.
    Do you want to touch yourself while think about what you did?
    Of course you do.
    You're normal.
    You liked what happened.
    It really was pretty hot.

    I would hope that you think of yourself as sexy and desirable.
    I have never seen you but I can tell you must be.
    I know that just because the guy that fucked you that night thought you were hot.
    Or he wouldn't even have bothered going so far out of his way driving you both home.

    I mean, come on, a high school kid would've thought the same way.
    Where you been, under a rock?

    Not trying to be mean. Sorry.
    I'm just being realistic.
    If you're hot, own up to it.
    Be proud of it.
    Take time to show off.
    Especially and most importantly as a wife.
    You deserve it.
    And so does your husband, especially now.
    The guy that fucked you thought you were hot and was wanting to fuck you from the minute he saw you.

    Ok. that said, here's what I suggest you do.
    Obviously, you had an orgasm you wouldn't normally have with your husband.

    Ok so bear with me here.

    Think back about that night.
    You obviously had some desire for the guy that you fucked.
    Probably mentioned in your post that you noticed it while talking over drinks.
    You indicated the other guy was attractive too.
    So the thought of doing them both probably crossed your mind too.

    Take control.
    Start fucking your husband more often and more spontaneously.
    Stop wearing panties for now and let him know.
    Walk around the house matter-of-factly nude.
    Tell him if he likes that.

    It's your marriage.
    Make it what ever you need it to be or don't be in it.
    Take control.
    If you're fucking him more, your husband will not complain about any changes you're making because increased frequency is every guy's dream.

    Then, talk to your husband about doing threesomes.
    Ask him if it would turn him on.
    By then you might be surprised at what he says.
    A woman can make any sexual situation work by being secure in her own sexuality and clearly favoring her husband by controlling what is or is not done to her.
    And she can get the additional satisfaction she needs in doing so.

    Ok. Sorry that was so long.
    You options otherwise are rather dull and probably will cause damage.
    Or you can just feel guilty until it happens again.

    But you deserve to be happy with the man you love.
    So think about what I said here.

    15 years I was married to an exceptionally sexy woman. We went to the nudist resorts, swinger clubs, had on-going three-somes.
    She was also a nude dancer at a local club and an occasional escort.
    We had a blast.
    So everything I said is based on some kind of experience.
    It's your marriage.
    Mold it into any thing you want it to be together.
    Best to you. :))

    and use this to make something even better happen for you and your husband.
    what do you do with the guilt?
    but you really enjoyed it too.
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    Hey number 4 just because you married a WHORE and want to make excuses for her is ok. You knew all about her doings and whoring and that's your choice. like number 3 said tell her husband and let him decide if he wants to be married to a WHORE or not.
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    Yeah, the bitch cheated, may be knocked up, and, enjoyed it so much she thinks about the pleasure of how good it was. Clearly he could fuck her again and all she has to say is I was overwhelmed again or too drunk. What a load of bullshit. The bitch is a whore but should fuck single men so sheâs not ruining the lives of innocent family members. Can anybody figure that out? The kids, innocent partners. Donât get me wrong. I would fuck her too probably. Now that she knows sheâs a whore, walk the streets.
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    It's quite interesting to comprehend that with proper perception, one can get a education from this posting coupled with the lame, liberal remarks of #4. In this particular case, it explains why & where Sharia Law was created. Sharia Law is simply a check [& balance] to the sexism that most feminism really is. Common sense dictates even to a fool that these idealist feminine 'rights' they cling to are preposterous i.e. as a civil society, we cannot successfully exist where females can do no wrong or if they do, there is an viable, emotional reason for it. Hence, the fundamental basis for Sharia law. No need for concern however ; it will MANIFEST ITSELF FROM WITHIN. Coming to a leadership near you!!
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    This is #4.
    Just wanted to tell #5, #6, and especially the pompous and pedantic #7
    that you can all go phuck yourselves.
    The Sharia Law? Really?
    That is a Millennial line of rehashed machismo that is the root of all of this and is now guaranteed to prevent us all from ever getting laid again.

    Hate to break it to you pal, but Me Too isn't going to go away.
    You do not OWN her pussy anymore.

    But she'll still give you all you want if you just take a few minutes to give a shit and listen to her.

    Because the thing is, #7, women don't want all the cocks to go away.
    Just your cock.
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    Hey number eight just because you are angry at your slut whore of a wife you picked by your choice is ok because you know now and knew then she was a slut and a whore that's ok . But the slut whore that wrote the story lied to her husband so slut whore still stand no matter how you try to excuse it with me to or what ever other bullshit you can think of to justify the WHORE.

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