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    My husband and me are happy and all that but he told me in bed he wanted to copy the porn films and come on my face. I bartered him down to just over my lips and mouth. I had never watched anyone masturbate that close and it was a turn on but I’m wondering if this is too trashy for marriage.

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    Nothing is ever too trashy.
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    He wants you to be his whore. Embrace it. Ask him how you should dress for sexual love making. Surprise him by watching his porn and playing the part. Meet him in a motel dressed totally to turn him on. Fuck his brains out.
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    Be more concerned about pleasing your husband than what others think. If you do not tell anyone you are doing slutty things for your husband, no one will know. What you and your husband do sexually is your business. If you want to please him more than others, enjoy your slutty side. It will make your marriage stronger.
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    The three top posters have said all that needs saying, cheers.
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    next time jack him off on your face, then suck his cock dry. women are too fucking stupid to understand the real way to mans heart is through his genitals.
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    The first 4 commenters are spot on. Sex is a very important part of a healthy relationship and ideally both people should be comfortable enough to leave all their inhibitions at the door and aim to please their partner. That doesn’t mean someone has to do everything the other wants, but you both should talk openly with out judgement and be willing to stretch your comfort zone. Most men want their wife to be THEIR little slut so doing the “trashy” stuff as you say will likely be a turn on. Just make sure he knows you are “HIS” little slut and no one else’s. Unless of course you both want to involve others.

    Tell him you have been thinking about the other night and it’s inportant to you that he is satisfied in every way, including sexually. And although you haven’t always been comfortable with a number of sexual acts, you are willing to stretch your comfort zone in order to please him. Tell him you would like to have a honest conversation about each other’s desires / fantasies. Set the stage for the conversation. Both of you have to be open and honest, do not judge the other, seek to understand what about a particular act is a turn on, that both of you have to be willing to be willing to stretch your comfort zone, what your hard limits are and in the end you both can veto ideas, but explain why with out demeaning the other.

    Be his little slut and watch how hard he works to please you too.

    Good luck and please keep us updated.
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    Sex is the glue that keeps relationships together. If you dont do it he will run across someone who will.

    I love my wife, she is a good partner and mother to my kids. But she has always been boring in bed, rarely tries anything new or does what I want.

    I never had any intention of cheating. A girl at work got interested in me. Came in one day shut my office door and did everything my wife wouldnt. I dont want to go outside my marriage, but my wife has no interest in satifying me.

    Maybe she knows and would rather me cheat than her have to do things. I'm not talking about crazy sick sex things either.

    Its funny how awkward sex can be with your spouse sometimes, but then you run across someone who could be your sexual soulmate. You know exactly what that person wants and how to satify thrm.

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