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    Straight Female / 18

    I graduated HS last year. My parents told me that after I am on my own for two years, they will pay for my college. I work three jobs, have a roommate for a small two bedroom apartment, but I am "on my own" to their satisfaction.

    I work all the time just to pay the bills, and it takes me almost a month to have enough extra to harvest a small night out. I am so tired!

    My roommate's parents are helping to pay her way, so she is out almost every night. I hear her hooking up with her guys way too much, I lay in my room listening and trying to get some sleep before going to my morning job. Sometimes I seriously consider trying to join them. I am not bi, but I am not getting the sleep I need and I am living like a nun. Would it be so wrong to undress and slip in bed with them?

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    Speaking from experience, I am the guy here. I had a girlfriend, a freshman girlfriend. Her friend was a bit introverted and didn't get dates. All of us worked then, so our hours of getting together were always late at night. One night after my girlfriend and I made love on the couch, she came out and sat there. We were both still naked. I told her to get her top off, I wanted to see her tits. She refused, but in those days you just went for it, I got her top off, she had nice tits, I got a hard on fighting her, and I fucked her on the couch. It was a good fuck. We became a threesome, slept together, had sex together, dated together, lived together later on. Why it worked for us is because it was male female sex only. No girl on girl. They both got fucked. They were both the girlfriends. They were a team, they argued about how we were going to live after we graduated. They had it all planned out. We never had two rooms, we always only had one room with a king size bed. They both got fucked. I know of triads where there is girl on girl sex and those don't last. My girls never fight. If you get in bed with your roommate don't fuck her. You need to be there to get fucked by him. That is my advise.
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    I am not looking for any attachments, but sometimes it would really be nice to not be alone listening to the fun.
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    Talk to your roommate. See if she wants you in bed with her and her man of the night. Failing that, see if she can bring home a guy with a friend for you to vent your horniness on.

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