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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 45

    I was fourteen and I got a ride home from a 16 year old boy with a new driver's license. He didn't take me straight home, we went out to this place that was supposed to be the make out place. We were alone out there because it was still the afternoon. We got out and walked around and he found this place that was hidden from the car and lowered his pants and told me to suck his dick and to take off my panties.

    I sucked his dick and he fucked me. The next day at school I was asked by one of my girlfriends if it was true that I had gone out there with him and I had sex with him. I found a sheet of paper in my book bag with the word WHORE written on it. At lunch I had to go sit beside him. He sat back and I had to open his lunch, unwrap his sandwich, get his drink and desert out and set it all out on the table for him. I also had to clean up after him. It took very little time for me to figure out what it meant to be his girlfriend. Of course I wasn't old enough to date, but that didn't mean he didn't come over. He could drive. I was prohibited from going with him, but I had gone with him that afternoon after school.

    My parents never figured out that I had sex with him. They were blind to that. It was enough that he was two years older and he was college bound and he came from a good family. At fifteen I had pretty much unlimited permission to go with him anywhere, my parents trusted him. He fucked me at his house because my mother didn't work and his did. He liked to watch me make the bed afterwards. He would tell me that he liked sleeping in his bed after I made it for him, he didn't like the way his mother made his bed.

    I say my parents weren't aware that I was sexually active. Maybe they were and never said anything. Or maybe it was not a problem for them. Everyone at school knew we were sexually active, we had sex at parties and many times we had sex in couples at his house. We had blowjob contests, swallowing contests, backing onto his lap and getting it in contests. If you were on your period then you could only suck him off, everyone knew you were on your period because you weren't fucking after school.

    Several girls dropped out because they got pregnant, a couple of the boys ended up in reform school because of drugs. Having sex when you were underage never seemed to be a problem, unless you got caught outside or in a car, then the cops had to do something about it.

    By the time you were ready to graduate you gave him the last thing you had left. It was always doggy style, you had instructions from other girls, you kept your head high, if you dropped your head it meant you liked it. You reported back to your girlfriends, every girl confessed to having dropped her head. To the girls that were still virgin back there you told the most horrific story you could make up, but in the end you confessed that you dropped your head.

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    So whatâs your sex life like now? Still getting plenty?

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