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    Not sure how I found this web site since I'm lousy with a computer but figure I'll share something I've been experiencing for almost two years even though its not any kind of confession. This didn't happen overnight and basically didn't start until I knew this woman close to six years. I'm 77, in good health, separated from my wife 20 years ago and financially stable. I live in an extremely nice high rise apartment building and four doors down the hall from me lives Joanie. She is 46 now and broke up with her husband 6 or 7 years ago and that's when we became friendly in a plutonic way. Over time when had dinner together, told each other our life stories and even watched tv or movies together in each others apartments. She is very attractive and has had a few boyfriends over time and is currently dating a guy but I still am her closest friend that I know of. When I would be in her apartment in the evenings she began a long time ago wearing PJ's or some kind of nightwear which is great even for a guy my age. I think everything started when I would rub her shoulders for her sometimes knowing she had a stressful day at work. It was like she trusted me and often lean over the table as I sort of massaged her back finding she had no bra on. I don't know how many men my age have the problem I do but for a few years I haven't been able to get a total erection, even though I can still ejaculate somewhat. When I would rub her entire back I always got what I'll call a semi hard on. Getting back to my apartment I began jerking off, sometimes able to cum, sometimes not. Guess my prostate is shot. That started about 2 1/2 years ago and didn't go much further for months. It must have been our age difference that gave Joanie so much trust in me because she began having me rub her down touching her ass and legs of course with her nightwear still on. Then one night she laid down on her sofa and that's when I half jokingly told her she had to many clothes on for a good massage. We joked around about it for awhile and I said something like is she afraid for me to see her in her bra and panties. I really was joking about it at the time but to my surprise she went into her bedroom and came out only in her bra and panties. That was the first time I actually saw her like that and gave her a massage at the best of my ability. I did take advantage of the sight of her and also touched her as intimately as I could get away with. I was able to have her lay on her back and again touch her in ways I never did before.

    Finally one night I was allowed to undo her bra as she laid face down. After rubbinbg her down head to foot I asked her to turn over. With her bra not attached as she did her left breast became exposed and she didn't seem the least bit upset about it. When I asked if I could take it off her she called me a dirty old man but pulled it off putting it on the back of the sofa. I didn't touch her breasts at first but after rubbing up and down the sides of her body I couldn't help myself and began rubbing her breasts. She never tried to stop me and just laid there. I then sort of tugged on her panties and began pushing them down and to my complete suprise she helped then kicked them off. I then realized she was aroused and began touching her vagina and eventually fingering her. She had no way of hiding the fact she was having an orgasm and then a second one. I was sitting on the floor by then with my hand still on her tummy and neither of us said anything for a minute or two. She was the first one to talk and just said she couldn't believe what she just let me do. All I said was how grateful I was to look at her and the fact she aroused me more than I had been in many years. After that she got up went in her room and came out in a nightgown. She made a pot of coffee and we talked for at least an hour. She already knew from many of our past conversations that my sex life was pretty much over. I had already told her how I can't get a full erection and even though I saw her naked and satisfied her I still only got a semi hard on. Back in my apartment thet night I was able to ejaculate more than I had in a very long time. Since that night we do this weekly and sometimes more often alwys in her apartment. When I go now she only wears a bathrobe and is always naked when she lays on the sofa. After the first couple months doing this she suggested I take my pants off letting her see my penis and semi erection which she now calls it. I not only maturbate her but over a year ago she started jerking me off. I still don't get a very hard erection but I do ejaculate every time she does it. I not only enjoy looking at her but it excites me knowing she is aroused and I am thrilled when she has an orgasm which some nights are numerous. She still has a boyfriend who I know fairly well by now but am quite sure he is not aware of how close Joanie and I have become. I don't know how long this will go on but hope until I kick the bucket.

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    Yaknow, they make natural vitamins to make your prostate better. If I were you I'd be at the health food/vitamin store buying ANYTHING that might help!

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