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    Straight Male / 25

    Blackmail sex:

    When I was 19 and my sister was 16, she really started to develop and I got the hots for her. I tried looking down her blouse at her blossoming tits, and steal glances of her showering and changing. Needless to say I fantasized a lot about her during my fap sessions.

    One night I was walking by her room and could hear her moaning. I decided to open her door a bit to see if I could see her masturbating.

    I got a real surprise as I caught her with our german shepherd Thor licking her pussy. I burst into her room and said "WTF are you doing". She nervously tried to cover-up and explained that she had fallen asleep and Thor had started to lick her unknowingly.

    Then I asked her to explain the jar of peanut butter that she had in her hand. She said that she had been feeding Thor with it when she fell asleep, but I called bullshit and threw off her blanket to reveal peanut butter spread over her inner thighs and pussy.

    She started to cry and begged me not to tell our parents. I said okay, but I told her that she had to do something for me. She nodded her head in agreement, so I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my semi-erect cock.

    Without any prodding she put my cock in her mouth. She skillfully twirled her tongue around the head, then licked up and down the shaft, and used her hand to play with my balls. Something told me she had down this before.

    Meanwhile Thor had gotten back to licking my sister's thighs and pussy. I took out my camera phone and snapped a couple of pics of Thor doing his thing. At first my sister protested, but then I threatened to tell our parents, so she relented.

    I then told my sister to spread some peanut butter on her tits. After she did, Thor switched his focus and began to lap away at her boobs
    I have to admit I was a little jealous if Thor, but that did not stop me from taking more pictures.

    My sister had gotten me really hard by now and was starting to jerk my cock. Suddenly Thor began to shift around awkardly and my sister spread her legs wide. I began to realize the Thor was trying to mount her, and my sister let out a large scream when he finally did.

    By now I was getting in the way, so I got out of the action as I did not want to get my cock injured. Thor started to hump my sister vigorously and she began to scream out his name. I was transfixed by all this but it did not stop me from taking pictures.

    Eventually Thor began to growl and I realized that he was coming in my sisters pussy. When he was spent, he tried pulling out of my sister but had some difficulty so my sister had to push him off (later I learned that dogs develop a knot in their penis when fucking). When he was finally off of her, I chased him out of the room.

    Now I wanted my own release. So my sister started to suck my cock further, as I called her a dirty whore for fucking our dog. It wasn't long before I shot a hot load all over her beautiful face. Then I took some more pics of my cum all over her face, but was careful to leave my penis out, so I could later claim that she had sucked off our dog.

    Now I had a cell phone full of photos that I could use to blackmail my sister into doing my bidding. At first she was resistant, but after we began to fuck ourselves she became a more willing participant.

    But I was not satisfied with blackmailing just my sister. I got her to trick a couple of her hot friends into playing with her and Thor. Then I caught them "accidently" again and I had some more blackmail victims to do my sexual bidding also.

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    Very kinky! Beastility and i****t.
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    So you are only able to blackmail girls into having sex with you.

    Theyll get revenge on you someday, just watch...
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    Yeah. What a loser. Can't get any girls, so you need to r**e and blackmail them.

    But what is worse, for you, is that you are too much of a loser to even able to tell a story that would actually be real.
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    you sick bastard, get you pussy fair and square, I hope Thor bites your cock off!! As for your sister, I commiserate with her, just doing her thing in privacy of her room and some anus, her brother! does this to her, make this thing right , if you are a man!!
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    While reading this( not the bestiality part,of course) I got a strong erection.You were half erect even when you were looking at your sister's pussy?
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    All a giant load of BS.

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