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    Straight Female / 32

    I was 14 at the time and staying at friend's house because my mother was in the hospital. I was so sick one day I stayed in bed in my girlfriend's room. The only one else there that day was my friends dad. I was sick all night and think about 10 am that morning I tried to get to the bathroom but threw up all over myself. To make matters worse it began coming out both ends. Aside from vomit I had the runs and was soaked from head to foot in vomit and crap. My friends dad came to my rescue SORT OF!!!!! He helped me into the bathroom and I was so sick I never tried to stop him from undressing me. As he took my pj's and panties off the tub was filling up. First he took a towel and wiped my body off the physically lifted me into the tub washing off my body with a soapy cloth. I felt weak and extremely tired and didn't experience the embarrassment until he helped me stand up and out of the tub. I just stood there sick and blushing as he dried my body and carried me back to my friends room the entire time naked. He got me my friends clean pj's and help me put them on and tucked me back in bed with a trash can beside the bed. He took care of me the rest of the day giving me ginger ale and making me soup until my friend got home. This man saw me in the most humiliating circumstances I could ever imagine. For years every time I saw him it was embarrassing all over again and although I see him seldom today I am still freaked out about it whenever I do. In reality he was very good to me that day and never did anything close to sexual with me. That day he even apologized to me if he embarrassed me and openly told my friend and his wife what happened. I have had a few embarrassing situations over the years but that was the most horrible experience I can ever remember.

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    Your friend's dad is a very decent man to clean you up and not take advantage of you. If he wasn't there that day what would you have done? I think you should appreciate him more and be embarrassed less.
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    That's not a really good man you should thank him and don't be embarrassed
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    You'll feel differently when you have children. No need to feel embarrassed. You should tell him that although you still feel really embarrassed about it all, you appreciate all he did for you.
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    you shouldn't feel so bad
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    He should have eaten your pussy at least"....

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