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    Straight Female / 26

    I think it all started with my older brother, Ned, and brother closer to my age, Tommy, watching porn videos left around the house. I could not have been older than 14 but I began to pester my older brother do do me like the videos. At first he shrugged me off with a laugh but I persisted, then, I took off my shorts so he could see my starving crotch.

    I watched his bulge grow, then he dropped his pants and I knew I had him. The problem soon came up with Ned's endurance, which was around half a dozen strokes them he pulled out of me and came on my stomach. He then usually walked away. In some cases, Tommy watched and he soon sported a hard on too so I would move my hips as if wanting humping and finally Tommy got on top and fucked me. Tommy really loved it and took his time fucking me deeply and slowly. Often I had to ask him to speed it up. that I was "falling asleep."

    I used my two brothers sexually like that until they graduated High School then we all moved on to different colleges with Ned going to a trade school for auto training. We're all dating now but once in a while Tommy and I knock one off for old time's sake.

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    None of your siblings fiddled with your clit? How selfish could they be?

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