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    Straight Male / 27

    Ok so this is going to be short but I really need feedback I have no one to talk to that I trust... so I was out drinking with a couple of my buddies the other night and after we went back to a friends to keep the night going and after some heavy drinking I was to wasted to walk so my friend who house we were at put me on his bed and I passed out but I woke up the next morning naked and cum all over me and my mouth full of cum. I was so confused because no one was home and it had been 7 hours I had a good idea what happened but worked up the courage to ask my friend and then he sent me pictures of him giving me oral and his cock in my mouth while he came and said I wonât tell if you donât and most straight guys would be pissed off but Iâm strangely turn on? So my question is how would anyone else approach this situation? Iâm a young good looking male who has no trouble picking up but never thought Iâd ever interact with another male and I feel like my entire world is upside down. Please help

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    You know what they say, "Suck just one cock and you are a cocksucker for life." Don't worry about it, it was just sex.
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    I have to agree with #1. I am a 57 year old man and have sucked more than a few cocks in my life, most of them to completion. I don't mind going down on a guy's cock strictly to help him cum (yes, I do love the taste and swallowing!) but I also have no problem eating out a nice juicy pussy and ass of a woman, full of a load or not. Being able to do both opens up a lot of possibilities. Enjoy the SEX!
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    You have become a Submissive cocksucker. Itâs ok I applaud your willingness to help Alpha males like myself to unload daily or an occasion to a willing hot mouth. Please offer yourself to all males and trust me they will say no, you are nasty etc but later at night when they canât find pussy you are the first they will call. Bless you young man
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    If you don't remember it- it didn't happen.
    Be turned on, but make your friend make the next move.
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    Woke up with a mouthfull of cum ? What ? How ? You'd either choke on it or swallow it involutairaly. This is BS.
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    Just another faggot looking for encouragement

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