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    Straight Male / 54

    Lonely after 27 years of marriage I met a man in much the same straits as me. We met for dinner a couple of times, curiously no business was discussed. We talked sports, politics, college, but not business. I had a couple of company tickets to the basketball game and I asked him to go. We stopped for a drink after the game. He said he had been invited to a party, we could go. Old friends of his.

    And so I went to my first gay party. He told me he was gay, no offense if I wanted to pass on the party. I told him I wasn't gay but I was open minded, why not. At the party I found myself talking with several men. I had fun, I had my first fun time in a long time.

    A week later I got a call from a dentist and he asked me to play golf. The foursome was a gay threesome and me. We had drinks after the game, ate some wings, went home feeling good. My friend who introduced me to his gay friends took me along to another sport night party. Things were going along fine, I was waiting for the shoe to drop. I even practiced my answer. But the shoe didn't drop, not there. The shoe dropped at the airport lounge on my way to Paris. We were both in business class and we found we shared similar business concerns. He offered to give me an introduction to his country manager. We arrived in Paris and agreed to meet the next day.

    He followed up, setup a dinner, his country manager couldn't come. We were at his hotel, he talked me into drinks in spite of my jet lag, he pushed himself on me and invited me to his room. Maybe I was tired and I agreed. That he wanted to get down and dirty wasn't a surprise, that I went along was. Sixty nine on the bed, he pushed my barriers and I let him do what he wanted. I was so tired I fell asleep, waking up naked on the bed with him the next morning long past my appointment time. We spent dinner again, I met his country manager, I went to his room again and I participated all in.

    I haven't told my home based friend about my Paris experience. I'm sure I lost my homophobia after meeting my friend's friends. I don't intend to follow up, I'm glad it was overseas and I don't have to face anyone at home. Still I did step over the line and I feel I had a pleasurable experience. A two night stand.

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