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    Straight Male / 31

    I recently saw that my wife had received a late night IM from another man. (How it happened is, I saw a chathead pop up on her tablet, I wasn't looking to catch her in anything,I actually thought we were doing great lately and hope we still are.)

    Anyway, seeing the chathead got me curious (because he was unfamiliar, mostly, and I know her friends) so I kind of decided to investigate.

    I drew the conclusion that he was evidently responding to something she had sent, because his message was "ok, can we talk on WhatsApp?" but her half of the conversation was gone, deleted,which I found strange.
    It was also weird to me that he'd ask to talk on WhatsApp when they were already on the other IM service, but I've heard that some people use WhatsApp for online affairs.

    Maybe there is nothing going on, but she's had online affairs before so I have to admit I can't help but be a little suspicious at least, and even though I wasn't initially looking to catch her in anything, if there is something going on I feel I should know for my own peace of mind.

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    Hire a pi or place a gps tracker on her phone or car
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    Agree totally with #1.Nip it in the bud without telling anyone--not even to your closest relative or friend.Pay the PI in cash .
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    1&2, He mentioned online affairs, not in person ones. It sounds more like he needs a couple of discrete came with audio to watch the wife in the house and some secretly installed activity logger software to see what she's doing with her electronics.
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    All good advice above.
    Due to her history Id think something going on too.
    Stay ahead of this & start monitoring your banking accounts closely.
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    Yeah, if she not giving you the option to join in

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