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    Straight Male / 44

    More than 20 years ago when Merideth and I were first married we ended up at a crazy party. Meri’s friend Had ecstasy and we had never done it before (or since). She warned us it would make us extremely horny. As the stuff began to kick in and we started feeling wild. My teeth started chattering and I became unquenchably thirsty. There was this feeling of loving everyone and everything. I asked Meri if she was feeling the same way and she said she was.

    As we got more carried away we found a room to go in to and start making out. We undressed each other and began having sex, all the whole people came in and out of the room. It felt like hours drug by and I wasn’t able to cum, even though Meri had a bunch of times. I must have been complaining about it because I remember Meris friend tha had given it to us suggesting I take a hot shower. I did and the water felt so good, I stood in there forever.

    When I finally came back in to the bedroom, It took me a minute to adjust. There was a bunch of people on the couch making out and watching Meri fucking some guy I didn’t know. I found out later that she knew him. Somebosdy said, your husband is here. Meri non-chalantly opened her eyes and invited me on to the bed. Patting the space next to her. It all seemed perfectly normal in that moment. I lay down next her and she Said she wanted to see me jack off while I watched her. Meri came and came again, but still I couldn’t. Finally the guy came all over her tits. Meri got up to go to the bathroom and wash off. I was laying there naked in a room full of people and it didn’t even seem strange.

    Meri had been gone too long, so I walked in the bathroom to find her. She was bent over the counter with yet another guy fucking her doggy style. Meri could see me in the mirror, I started jacking off again. Meris friend that had given us the stuff came in too and pumped soap on to her hand. She said something like this will help. Before I knew it, she slid her finger up my ass and I almost instantly erupted all over the counter. Meri and the guy both started cumming about that time too.

    To this day, that is still and probably always will be our craziest night.

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