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    Straight Female / 30

    I had a child when I was 13. The father was never identified for obvious reasons, the baby was given to my older sister to raise. My daughter turned 17 she was told everything but not who her father is. She won't accept that some things are better left alone.

    She is asking for DNA tests, she is obsessed. I came close to telling her, but why? Because she is being nosy? it doesn't matter. Lives will get ruined, it's our skeleton in the closet.

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    So...... who is the father? A relative?
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    I'm guessing yes. Eventually she will get her own DNA test and find out.
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    If her father is your relative, how was your relationship back then? How did you felt about it? Were you in love, or were you r**ed?

    If she wants a DNA test, then you can't stop her. She can get it herself and then the secret will be out.

    I suggest you to talk about it with her. You do not need to reveal everything right away, but you should talk about it with her, calmly and objectively. If you argue about it, then you will lose her. You can let her argue, but that is because she is frustrated. Ask her how the information would change her life and let her tell you it.

    You can tell her that the info may be something she won't like, but yet she will be the person who she have been and that you love her. Ask her if she is ready to hear it from you, and when she is calm, tell her the truth.

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