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    Straight Female / 46

    My husband Chris is making me do this. My name is Sarah Leigh B. This is supposed to be my punishment. He reads this page and has all kinds of different fantasies. He calls me prude because I donât get in to most of them.

    Anyway he has had this fantasy for a long time about wife sharing. I always ask him, if he really loves me, how can he see me with another man? He has been telling me that itâs a game to chase and win your girl or win her (me), back. So finally I confessed something to him that happened a long time ago.

    It was right before we got married. We all went to a concert to see some local band with my friend Rhonda. After the show they invited us back to their place for an after party. There was like 10 or 12 of us. We were all really drunk. I didnât really want to go and neither did Chris. Rhonda had a crush on the lead singer guy, Josh and made me go with her since Iâm her best friend. I tried to get Chris to go, but he wouldnât and he went home. There was a bunch of us going so I thought it would be fine.

    I knew I was in trouble when the guitarist Tony drove me Rhonda and Josh. Rhonda and Josh decided not to go to the party but to Tonyâs house. They disappeared in to a bedroom like right away. So I awkwardly sat in the couch and had some more to drink with Tony. My memory of it is hazy but I remember I was talking about Chris, who Tony had met and our wedding. Tony suggested that he could throw me a bachelorette party. I thought that was odd and I guess I was too drunk to get what he was saying until he had his tongue in my mouth and we were making out. I remember him undoing my bra and playing with my boobies, but I wouldnât let him take my shirt off at first. Next I remember was that he was naked and he put my hand on his penis. We kissed do a while longer and next thing I remember was sobering up as I felt him slid in to me. I started to freak out and tell him I canât do this, but he told me to relax because I had already done it. So we had sex for hours on the couch in a bunch of different positions. I told him not to cum in me, but he did anyway.

    We laid on the couch together for a while until he got up to go to the bathroom. He came back with his little flip phone and took a naked picture of me. I hurried up and started getting dressed he continued taking more pictures of me. I told him to erase them, but he said he needed them so that he wouldnât think what happened was just a dream.

    I ran in to the bedroom, I made Rhonda and Josh get dressed and take me home. When I got there I was relieved that Chris was passed out.

    Rhonda dated Josh for like 2 years and we hung out with him and Tony a lot of different times, but I never told Chris. Rhonda would tell me all the time that she was proud of me letting loose and having a last fling. She knew I hated talking about it.

    So when I admitted it to Chris, I thought he would be mad. It turned him on that I did this and that everybody knew except him. He knows I hate talking about this stuff so he made me write this to humiliate me.

    Donât bother commenting, because the only one that will read it is Chris.

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    So you were r**ed and thatâs OK with you? You can still go after this shit
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    If she had a problem with it she'd have confronted the issue by now, it's possible she's warped and liked it, there are some damn freaks out there, just saying
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    #1, she said they had sex for hours in a bunch of different positions. Unless he kept his dick in her the whole time and restrained her somehow it sounds like she was a willing participant after the initial penetration.
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    Yeah anybody that can fuck 4 hours has to be liking it to stay hard and wet. Maybe tony has fucked them both

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