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    Straight Male / 47

    My wife and I have been married for three years and can't get enough of each other, though we have had a circuitous sexual route to get here that started over 15 years ago.

    Ashley was 25 when she started working at the business I worked. I was 42. She was, and still is, incredibly attractive and fit while I'm active but carry a few extra pounds. I was a little surprised when after talking a few times I offered her my phone number and she took it. She was part-time and worked in a different department than me, while I worked until midnight. That night when I got home my phone was ringing as I walked in the door and I thought it was work calling with an issue (I'm upper management). To my surprise it was Ashley. We talked for about 10 minutes or so and she asked if I would like to come over for a beer. She added that it was just to talk and get to know each other. We sat on her back patio for hours talking and I found out she was separated after being married for only 10 months. As I was leaving she gave me a kiss goodnight that led to a long make-out session on her couch and us going down on each other.

    The next day we decided to meet up after work but somewhere that would not lead to sex. After I got out of work we met at a park that had lots of summer activity well into the night so there were lots of people around. She told me how she and her husband only had sex three times during their message and all three were in the first couple of months. He worked weird hours but never seemed to want to have sex. One day she checked the computer's history and she found he was looking at anal sex videos, first just women and then progressively changing to gay porn. She was not interested in anal sex and then when it became gay sex she was heartbroken. Then one day when she came home early she found him having sex with his boss in their front room.

    We hooked up a couple of other times for oral sex but that was it. She preferred oral sex and it was something I liked so I wasn't disappointed. She told me she wanted to date a lot and didn't want to get tied down to one person for a while, so we kind of went our separate ways. I started dating a much younger woman at work who was 19 for a while and thought myself lucky. In the meantime Ashley dated one guy, making the mistake of meeting his kids and really getting attached right away. Anna, the young woman I dated, eventually decided to date someone her own age and I needed to find someone older.

    Ashley wound up having a one night stand after moving in with her boyfriend and his kids, getting pregnant (her boyfriend had a successful vasectomy). She had to move out and eventually wound up moving in with her boss, who she had gone out with a couple of times after me. The wound up getting married and he treated her daughter as if she were his, but adopted her. This actually hurt the daughter's feelings. All the while Ashley and I would harmlessly flirt and stayed friends. One day she came to the office (she was now working from home) to see me and asked to talk. She said she was having problems with her husband because he kept trying to finger her ass while she slept. It always woke her up and she was tired of it. She even talked to him about it but he kept doing it. About a month later she came in again and told me she and her daughter moved out after she woke up to see him standing over her in bed wearing one of her bras and jacking off into her daughter's underwear. Her daughter was about nine at the time.

    Eventually she and I became sexually active again and we clicked, liking the same things and trying things that appealed to both of us. We married shortly thereafter.

    About six months ago while fucking her from behind she stopped me, asked me to fuck her in the ass but to be gentle. She decided she wanted to make sure it didn't appeal to her. Well, it did and we added that to our routine. Our sex life continues to evolve and a couple of weeks ago she told me that she has started to fantasize about her daughter's best friend ... they are both 15. Her daughter's friend is gorgeous and is at our house all the time swimming in the pool. Ashley has been flirting with her for the last week and hasn't been entirely shot down. Our sex after her flirting is incredible. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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