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    Straight Male / 26

    My most embarrassing moment happed when I was 15. The girl next door came up to me saying she had a confession to tell me. Felt my face flushed red with shame when she said she had been going up to her atic to peep on me in the shower. First thing that flashed through my mind was OMG how much has she seen. She then told me, truning around towards her girl friend and told me "she has been up there with me" When I asked her how much did they see she said "everything" On think I could think off was all the times I had mastubated sitting on the toilette. "Don't worry we all do it" droping the hint that she had seen that also. Last thing she said was "you hava an atic also" Since that day I always jerked off in my atic.

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    So, can you see into her bathroom from your attic? Have you looked? Her comment sounded like a brick sized hint.
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    !Yeah! but not in her bathroom, in her bedroom with her curtains wide open walking around flaunting her tits and pussy. She knew damn well I was looking at her and intentionally placed herself were I could see it all. I also got to see her girl friend that was also hot. It was like having sex long distance. !God! mastubation took on a wbole knew meaning.
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    Did you ever get to feel what you were looking at?

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