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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I like cross dressers, meaning I like to fuck them. I have several that I fuck on a regular basis. I love the way they dress, most of them dress like whores. They wear their very high heels, boots, etc. Most of them I fuck are submissive as well, I admit I get off on that kink too.

    I hooked up with a black gurl recently that really blew my dick and my mind. Dressed in a sexy vinyl skirt, stockings and boots. I really enjoyed fucking that nasty talking slut. She begged for my cock if her life depended on it, I could really do some nasty things with her and she loved all of it.

    Then last week I was fucking her black ass, cumming a bit sooner than I had wanted. I wasn't worried too much because I recover pretty quickly. I stayed in her ass for a while and then had the urge to pee. I told "her" I was going to pull out but I would be right back.

    She reached around and put her hand on my ass so I couldn't pull out. She turned her head and told me to piss in her ass. She was still on her fours and a very erotic sensation came over me. I got up on my feet sort of, pushing my spent cock into her ass. She told me to fill her ass up with my pee, almost begging like she did for my cum.

    I began to fuck her ass again, the feeling was different since I had already cum. Now I just fucked her ass and waited for the sensation of needing to pee. Her voice got louder, screaming for me to piss in her ass. Finally I gave her what she wanted, I could feel the pee flowing into her asshole.

    Her ass bucked, she cried out with pleasure as I filled her hole with my warm pee. By the time I was done peeing I could feel my cock growing rapidly, she could feel it growing too as well. I began to thrust my growing cock into her ass again, I could feel my cock drenched in my own pee.

    Faster, deeper, harder, I slammed my cock into her ass. She was almost screaming with pleasure and I grabbed her hips tightly and fucked her savagely. She reached back and brought my hand around, placing it around her thick cock. I knew what she wanted and I began to jerk her black cock as I fucked her ass.

    She cursed and screamed "fuck" over and over until I felt her cock spasm in my hand. Just as she began to squirt, I felt myself cumming in her ass once again. We exploded together, the moment was more erotic than I had ever experienced. Finally she collapsed on the bed and I fell on top of her, my cock still buried in her ass.

    We see a lot of each other now, pretty much a repeat of what I have already described. It excites me to cum in her ass, fill that ass with my pee, then cum inside that black ass again before we are done.

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    A big load of BS.
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    Funny how the trannies in these BS fantasies are always black. Just saying...

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