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    Straight Female / 34

    My husband and I take in lodgers every now and then, to help with bills and so I have someone at home when my husband goes away on his two month long exploration trips.
    When my husband's at home we have a regular style marriage, if we're not having anyone stay. If we do have a lodger, it's because my husband cannot match my libido and we advertise for young guys to approach us with a certain set of "Gifts". Firstly they must be able to meet the financial commitment of being a lodger. Secondly they have to be reasonably attractive and physically fit (As I am). But most of all, they have to have a large cock and be wiling to fuck me whenever I need their attentions, making sure they can keep up with my over active sexual demands.
    In the last two years of our six year marriage so far, my husband and I have sought out and taken in nine different lodgers. Eight of whom have been my short term lovers. With three of them staying during the periods when my husband takes his trips.
    They have been and are all short term sexual partners, and we both make sure that they know that before I let them get into bed with me. On a few occasions my husband has watched me fuck with the young men, but mostly he's at work or tinkering in his sheds when they screw the shit out of me.
    It was kind of weird at first, but I soon found the sex with my husband, was far more intense and often more frequent after the lodgers had left.
    When he's away for the longer time slots, I have the lodgers sleep the whole time with me and enjoy being their fuck slut. I fully indulge in many of their fantasies, and have had frequent threesomes without letting my husband know about them.
    We've just a period of no lodgers, but only because my husband had been ill. He's now well again and about to go off on a month long journey over to Europe. I've already decided on who is going to stay this time, and it's a past lodger who's fucked me many times before. He's by far the best lover I've ever had in my life, and we have recently been meeting outside of my arrangement with my husband.
    There is nothing I won't do with the young man, and he often has me performing sexual acts I wouldn't normally do with anyone else, including my husband.
    I'm not sure what the future will have for me. What I am sure about, is my libido just seems to get higher and stronger with each year that passes. I wouldn't say I'm a sex addict, but I'm not far off.

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    You need to tell us more stories about the things you do with your lodgers, especially the acts you wouldn't normally do with your husband!

    I'm willing to bet those would be great material for jerking off!!


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