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    Lesbian Female / 28

    So I am going to confess that I sleep with another girl. She works with me, what she and I have in common is that we went to the same college. But we were never in the same crowd or the same major. We just met at work. She is an Admin Assistant in HR and I am a tax accountant. We are both 28. Well the thing started because she told me that there was this art fair near her apartment and if I wanted to go.

    I went, she was in her normal earth clothes and I was in shorts and a top and sneakers. I run and stay in shape, she is more of one of those that is just naturally thin and she didn't' wear a bra, I noticed that, no bra but she is thin and not busty so it was just her nipples showing through her white top. And she saw me looking at her nipples and she pinched them really hard so that pulled her shoulders back and asked me if I liked then.

    We walked to the fair, it was about four blocks along the river. Lots of people, kids and dogs and strollers and the crowd got heavy and she pulled me here and there to look at this and that. A couple of women were coming toward us, she whispered that they were friends from the neighborhood and she took my hand and introduced me as her 'girlfriend from work'. When we walked away she put her arm around my waist and swung around into my arms and told me to hold her. They were watching and she wanted a hug.

    They had gone along their way and she said she was gay, and they were gay and they were always trying to set her up and she had told them that she had a girlfriend at work. And she put her arms around my neck and said forgive me but I love you and if I wanted to kiss her it was O.K. with her. Just be her girlfriend because there were a lot of gay people she knew and she told them I was her girlfriend from work. If she wasn't holding my hand she wanted to put her arm around my waist and have me hold her by the shoulder. And just kiss her, to give her a long, long kiss so that all the people she knew would stop bothering her. And I kissed her, for a second there it felt strange but then she pulled herself up into my arms and the kiss went on for a minute When she released she confessed her love again.

    We went to this small bar slash restaurant and she introduced me to several women there. She told me to hold her, to put my arms around her and let her lean back into my arms and hold her. I held her longer that I thought I ever would, I held her and let her lean against me and I smelled her hair and kissed her cheek. We left the fair and the bar slash restaurant and we went walking on the path beside the river and she asked me to declare my love for her. I told her things had gone a little far but she said no they hadn't, she had told me she loved me and she wanted me to tell her that I loved her. Right then I said it, she went up into my arms and I kissed her. This time no one was watching and the kiss lasted a long time.

    We went back to her apartment, she showed me everything, all her clothes and her jewelry and her pictures and sat beside me and kissed me on the cheek and asked me to put my arm around her and hold her. Then just out of blue she asked me if I wanted to make love. She took her top off and lowered her pants and stood there in her panties and said she wanted me kiss her right there where he finger was. To kiss her there and pull her panties down for her. To make love to her. With her panties off she went and got on the bed and asked me to come over and make love to her.

    Kissing her was one thing, holding her was one thing, but getting undressed and going down on her was another. I had only done that once before in college on a dare and she said to come over to her and after I got undressed I did. See that was the point of no return, getting naked and going down on a girl. And then getting up to her face and kissing her and telling her that you loved her, not like I did out there at the fair either. Now you said it because you meant it. Now you said it because you saw her everyday at work and she was the only person you could talk to. Now you said it because that is all you wanted to say. We made love, and we ate dinner and went back to making love and we slept together.

    To get my attention she pinches her nipples. She takes a bath in the evening so that she is fresh in bed. She is a pretty good cook and I have met many of her friends and we get together and I tell them that she was my closet crush at work and I kiss her in front of them. We have parties at our apartment now, and we got to parties and go to that bar slash restaurant and we don't have to fake being affectionate in public. The neighborhood is pretty much gay, we fit in. At work we keep things under wraps just because we work together. Some close people know that we are not just sharing an apartment to cut down on expenses, but most people don't and don't care. That she is gay is no surprise to these close people, but that I am gay is. I don't look the part, I jog, I work out, I am competent at work, how many gay tax accountants do you know? But I am gay and mostly I live in a gay community and most of our friends are lesbians who wish they could be in love too.

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    Your story sucked and it was boring. It seems to me that you need a good dicking and some nut juice jizzed on your face. Hopefully you will wake up from this fairytale and understand that your whole family will disown you.

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