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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Got myself semi drunk when my wife stayed over at a hotel after a concert with some girlfriends. Around eleven at night I called by a friends house and ended up, then waking up the following morning in his bed. He was kissing my neck from behind when I woke up, and very slowly inserting his hard cock up my arsehole, fucking me in the spoons position. His cock felt amazing in my arsehole and I was soon becoming erect. Reaching around me, once he knew I was awake, he began to toss me off whilst still fucking me. It was my first ever gay sex and for a first time, it was absolutely perfect.
    I came with him still kissing my neck, and forcing his cock deeper into my arsehole. A couple of minutes later with him telling me he wanted to, he came up my bum. Turning to face him with cum leaking out of my rear hole, we kissed and I found I really enjoyed the sensations of kissing another man.
    I stayed in his bed over the next hour or so kissing, touching, sucking one another's cocks and then taking a shower with himm, where he fucked me all over again up against the shower wall.
    Nothing and I honestly mean this, was pre planned or thought of. It was purely spontaneous and we'd not even spoken about gay sex before that night. He told me every detail of what we'd done the night before, after we'd showered and gone back to bed. I'd become hard again and he sucked me off until I came in his mouth. Sharing a long intense kiss, we also shared my cum.
    All this happened just after my wife's birthday in June, and since then I've visited his flat at least three to four times a week to have sex with him. What's really weird, and we've been quite open and honest with each other about this, is neither of us had had gay sex before.
    It's been new to us both and for me it's been simply amazing, learning new and sexually exciting things about myself. The mian things being I have the abiluty to deep throat his seven inch cock, without gagging and also that I adore being fucked as hard as he can give it to me.
    In a couple of weeks from now, my wife will be taking a short five day journey to the states for her company. When she does, I'm going to be inviting my friend to stay and making sure he fucks me raw/bareback over and over again...

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