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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    About ten years ago I used to take the bus to and from school. The damned bus never waited for us so if we
    were not there it left without us. My g/f Minney and I missed it often so we would hitch hike home. One of those who gave us a lift was Bernie, the old farmer Minney and I knew from his delivery business. One of the features of getting a ride with Bernie was looking at his large pecker that he would pull out each time and stroke while we drove. Mickey began to sit next to him and at one point took Bernie's cock and began stroking it herself.

    I had assumed all men had huge cocks like that but Minney, who had two horny brothers, said, no. Minney jerked his member whenever we took a ride with him and one day, she pulled his handkerchief out of his pocked and held it to his cock. She later explained that he had "come" or ejaculated sperm, as her dad had informed her when he would instruct her on male biology. One day, Minney took Bernie's cock in her mouth and he was moaning loudly, uttering words I did not understand as she blew him.

    No long after that, Minney asked Bernie to pull over by a wooded road and, there, she pulled her pants off and mounted old Bernie. He was groaning loudly. Later, Minney explained that she had fucked old Bernie to assure our ride in the future when we missed our bus. I said, "Ehr, well, thank you." Minney asked if I wanted to suck off or fuck old Bernie and I told her I would wait. Thankfully, she never pursued me to help out. Later, I suspected that she was enjoying that monster cock all the time.

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  • 1
    Was Minnie 14 too? Did Bernie get her v-card?
  • 2
    By the way, "Old Bernie" was twice our age, around 30.
  • 3
    Do you think Minney's anatomy lessons from Dad included the proper handling of a penis?
  • 4
    That would make "Old Bernie" about 40 these days. Would you be open to finally fucking his big dick now that you're older?
  • 5
    Why didn't you fuck Minnie? She sounds like a perfect little fuck slut.. You would hear about these girls, but I was never around those kind
  • 6
    I agree with #5. Minnie sounded like a little cum dumpster, why weren't you filling her up to?
  • 7
    #5, #6, because the poster was female?
  • 8
    LOL, I'm #5.. I missed that....dang

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