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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    Never married, simply because I am bi-sexual and many people believe me strictly gay. I live alone in a large apartment complex and was dating Coleen who is totally gay, only 25 and beautiful. We went to my complex pool a couple times a week and thats where we met Anthony who is a 22 year old guy living with his parents. He was hitting on Coleen until she told him she was gay. I'm sure he took for granted that I was also gay but never tried hitting on me since its clear I am much older. He is an extremely cute guy and has a nice personality so we continued being friendly with him. On July 3rd Coleen informed me she was moving back to Texas with a past girlfriend. I was very upset about it because the sex we had was fantastic together. Anthony was also disappointed since the sight of Coleen in her bikini had to excite any normal guy. As a week or two went by my sexual gratification was limited to masturbation. I continued talking with Anthony a few times a week and one day after having a few Hard ice tea's I obnoxiously asked him to help me masturbate. The look on his face was shock and I remember him saying "your kidding?". I was drunk enough at the time just to say I was horny and need some loving attention. We went back to my apartment and I kept doubting whether it was a good idea to do this. I told Anthony I was gay to purposely let him know he wasn't going to have sex with me. Thankfully it didn't discourage him from going into my apartment. I got us both a drink and with no hesitation took my bikini off. I don't think this kid could believe what I was doing at first. I laid back in my recliner with knees bent up on the foot rest and opened my legs as far as possible. I was totally comfortable exposing myself but it was Anthony who was blushing. All I said to him then was to satisfy me. He gingerly began feeling my breasts then started fingering me. At that point I could see he was enjoying it and I began instructing him how to use my vibrators and dildos. I think it was the first time I was with a guy in over a year and it felt good just having him see me naked. After I orgasmed a few times I told him to take off his bathing suit and although his penis wasn't the biggest I ever saw he had about a 7" hard on. I took a dab of KY and jerked him off but lied telling him I never did that before. He was happy as hell when he left my apartment and told me he'd come over anytime I want. Today is September 9th an so far he has masturbated me 15 times since the first time. I don't have to tell him what to use on me and I have let him shave me 3 times so far and know he loves doing it. He has 4 times given me oral sex and all I ever do is jerk him off each time. In August I meet his parents and they seemed to be very nice people who are clueless to what goes on with their son and I. I didn't want to have intercourse with him at first but now I think about doing it. I think it is safer to let him think I am just gay. He is way to young for me to get to involved with and I am sure I am only a few years younger than his mother.

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    Have you considered blowing him? He's already dining on your snatch and a lot of the younger set grew up thinking oral isn't real sex so he's less likely to develop feelings for you. If you really like to and want to advance things without messy emotions, you can surely tolerate swallowing the odd load from his balls.
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    Reminds me of a lesbian coworker about ten years ago. She's kinda cute, a bit chubby and we are good friends. Of course she was "off limits" her being a lesbian and all, right? Well, she and her gf broke up and she was a bit sad, so I suggested we go for drinks after work. After a few drinks, she was very open about why they broke up - her gf fucked a guy! And worse, they began dating behind her back.

    I asked more questions about their relationship, what she found attractive in her gf (whom I have met but didn't find that attractive) and then asked about their "first time". She was uninhibited and very specific - they met at a bar across from our office and were sucking each other's clit an hour later! They fucked each other a lot, multiple times a week. She told me about the toys she used, how they would masturbate together watching porn, fingering each other in public, at movie theaters etc.

    I just listened....and ordered more drinks. After an hour or so, we were both pretty tipsy and really having fun. It was almost like a date...say it ain't' so! But we were both pretty horny..."I'm so wet right now" she said. I stood up nonchalantly and she saw I was tenting pretty good. Laughing, she said "that's about the size of my silicon cock. After sitting back down, I took her hand and placed it over my pants. She could feel it, and actually got into it. We were both a bit antsy about being seen, so she removed her hand.

    Things got quiet - we didn't say much of anything for the next minute or so. Then I looked at her, really looked and admired her beauty, and then looked into her eyes. I mean, really gazed into her to the point that it could have been really uncomfortable. She mumbled "I can't believe this is happening." I asked her what it was. She said that she has never been attracted to a man before, but she had always liked me and now "really likes me". I was a bit befuddled and stumbled in my response. "You are really pretty and have such beautiful eyes" was my reply (or something like that, maybe not as profoundly romantic). We held hands across the table, she giggled and I quietly laughed and shook my head. The moment was ironic and cathartic, wrapped into a ball of horny hormones.

    Since it was pretty late by now, I suggested we leave. By this time the alcohol affects have diminished enough so safely drive, so I walked her to her car. As we walked, her hand brushed mine and I brought my hand to hers and slowly wrapped her hand in mine. We walked hand in hand to her car in a comfortable silence. As she pulled her keys from her purse, she turned, smiled and pulled me closer. I leaned in for a kiss, but stopped and looked into her eyes. She said "thank you so much for tonight. I needed it". As she spoke, our lips were so close I felt like I was inhaling her words. "I did too" I replied.

    She closed her eyes for a second, opened them and gave me a slight nod. I leaned in a bit more and our lips brushed and then I pulled away and asked "are you okay?". She nodded again, and we enjoyed one of the most romantic kisses I have ever experienced. Deep, slow, connected, eager tongues exploring one another. This was not "sexual" as we typically read in these confessions. It was a very connecting time.

    I actually started crying (slightly, just tearing up cuz I'm a man, right?). She asked what was wrong. I said "absolutely nothing. I think something happened tonight, but I'm not sure what it was, but it really feels right". She was quite an epiphany for both of us. However, we both know this was too soon from her breakup. I didn't want to push it (for once, the big head was in charge). All I knew was this was right.

    We kissed once more and said our goodbyes. She texted me later and thanked me for a nice evening. I sent her a smiley face and told her I'd see her at work in the morning.

    The next day, we had a team meeting. She sat across from me, and as the meeting droned on we stole quick glances and slight grins. Afterwards, she texted me and asked if we could do lunch. Of course, I replied. During lunch, she expressed her confusion and fear, however said that a door opened she didn't expect. She asked if I could "like" a lesbian. I told her I was experiencing the same feelings and was open to see where this would go. I did tell her that I relived her stories in my mind and jerked off twice last night. She laughed, and said she did the same. I didn't know what to say except "I can't stand up right now". She stole a glance under the table and smiled.

    We have been married for eight years now. It has been to most intense, loving, together relationship I have ever experienced.
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    If you wasn’t so feminine, y’all could get a girlfriend.
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    Credible or not, any girl who behaves such or writes fantasy as such should find a high cliff somewhere & as David Lee Roth says: JUMP!! Go ahead & JUMP.

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