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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    When I was 14 my cousin, Amelia, moved to our neighborhood. She was my age only with all kinds of sexual experience where I had none. Amelia used to drop her jeans and play with herself in front of me. After a short time she achieved her goal and had seduced me and did whatever she wanted with me. She even had me eating her out and I began to really like it. When I was hers, she then brought over Pietro, a kid from Italy with a large sausage between his legs. They would fuck for an hour in front of me then make their move on me.

    I never met anyone as sexually active as Amelia. In time, she showed me all of it. I even saw her in several threesomes. In the meantime, my mom was convinced she was a great role model for me, "The perfect young lady,"
    She used to say.

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    Did Amelia return the favor and eat your pussy too? Or was she your dom and expected you to service her without needing to pleasure you?

    Were you mostly an observer or participant when she brought others into the mix?

    How old were you when she brought the Italian over? Did he get your v-card? Was he the lucky boy you practiced your oral skills on?

    When Amelia set up a threesome did you get two dicks too? Did you clean her with your tongue when she was finished?

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