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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    This past August 25th was my birthday and after having a family get together my 83 year old uncle Max drove me to my place. We watched TV and drinking Jack Daniels. I went past my second glass and I went to bed leaving uncle Max in the living room. I awoke a short time later with the place dark except for the parking lot lights.

    Uncle Max was naked and on top of me in missionary position frot fucking my 6 inch dick with his fat 8 inch cock. I passed out again and awoke with him sitting on the side of the bed I reach over and rubbed his white ass and he said he was not done with me. I dozed off again and awoke to him still fucking me and after a few minutes I was out again.

    I got up at 6am and went in to take my shower and I noticed he written 8/26/18 @@ 1am on my ass with a sharpie pen. So after taking a shower (yes it washed off) I put on a t-shirt covering half of my ass. I donât have a big dick but do have a nice ass. After having my oatmeal and coffee and watching the morning news uncle Max gets in the shower and I go make breakfast for him. Bacon and eggs with toast and coffee.

    He soon comes out dressed in shirt and tie and I ask him where he is going and he says heâs going to church. (Lutheran). I laughed and then asked him if he remembered fucking me last night and the writing on my ass. He asked if I enjoyed it and I said yes and was hoping he would do me again and would appreciate him doing me than going to church. So I hugged him and kissed him and he put both hands on my ass as we embraced and squeezed them. So we sat on the couch as he ate breakfast and watched the TV news. When he finished I washed the dishes and walked to my bedroom as he called his friend to say he wonât be attending today.

    I layed naked on the bed and he came in and undressed and this time I was sober when he frot fucked me again. We started at 845am and finished at 1130am. I ordered Grubhub deli sandwiches for us. The delivery guy (yes we were dressed) had a funny smile on his face but not sure. After lunch we got naked and fucked some more face sitting on him this time. Heâs visiting family in Texas and will be back in October.

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