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    Straight Male / 23

    I've been conflicted. Like my mind is arguing with itself over right and wrong. But I'm being a lil dramatic, let me start at the beginning.

    I've always prided myself of being a good man. A man of moral authority. I believe that when you find the right woman, she it is your moral obligation to love and cherish her. That's where I'm at with my gf. She is my life. I love her to hell and back. But I've had conflicting thoughts.

    We've been together for six months. (May seem a lil soon to call her my life but when you know, you know.) something about me is that I use to look up r**e scenarios on porn. I never wanted to actually r**e anyone. I want to dedicate my life to stopping this kind of crime. So why do I get hard over it in porn? Especially if my gf is a r**e victim? (I haven't had the heart to watch any since she told me. About it.) is it normal? Some subconscious desire? Will I eventually want to take it further then just watching it? One thing I've learned is that good men spend alot of time questioning whether they're a good man or not.

    I also enjoy other questionable genres of porn. Cheating wives/husbands ect. When I hit the clubs I cant help but look at other girls dressed in skimpy outfits with their ass and tits out. I think about fucking them. Does this reflect who I am? I don't know. I don't want it too. I want to be a good man and a better bf.

    My gf often tells me that I'm the sweetest guy or the best bf. And I know I put alot of time, effort and money into our relationship. But I don't feel like a great bf. I just feel like a man doing the things he should for his woman.

    I love my girl more then anything but these things have me doubting and questioning my status as a good man and by extension a good boyfriend. Any advice from a neutral party would be appreciated as I don't feel worthy of this amazing woman.

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    You’re right, 6 months is too short. Take it from someone who married in early 20’s I’ve been married 8+ years but that doesn’t mean I don’t share your same thoughts (minus the r**e).
    Truth is men always want what’s not theirs regardless of what you already have. Take your time to be single and don’t think about marriage till your late 20’s or early 30’s.
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    Agree that 6 months is too short. Speaking from a man's perspective here, I got married at 19 and stayed in a miserable marriage for almost 30 years. I then sowed some wild oats and re-married to a woman who occasionally likes to be choked. I love her very much but I still look at other women and desire other women. It's normal and evolutionary. We men desire to plant our seed far and wide.
    But again, take your time. Your brain hasn't even stopped developing yet. Consider age 25 to be a minimum before getting married.
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    Next time she tells you how sweet you are just tell her you can be as sweet or as mean as she needs you to be and grab her ass hard. See if she gets drenched.
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    Honestly I wouldn’t overthink it mate. I don’t agree with the other guys you should break up with your girlfriend over it, just don’t let it consume or define you.

    We all have a few weird fetishes I think. Mine, which I’m equally confused about, is wanting to screw my ex wife even though I’m with someone else now who is 1000 times the woman she ever was. It’s just a weird little thing, because I know it’ll never really happen.

    Keep doing your thing, guy. You’re a better man then you give yourself credit for.
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    I would agree with #4. You're overthinking it and not giving yourself credit for who you are when you are with your g/f.

    We all have fantasies, even some we might be ashamed of like you are right now. The difference between being the man your g/f loves and the man you're afraid you might become is pursuing those fantasies. Having those fantasies is one thing, pursuing them is quite another.

    All you have to do is keep those fantasies what they are, fantasies, and not try to act them out. Be the kind, loving, gentle man you want to be with your g/f and you'll be fine.

    You said it yourself, "One thing I've learned is that good men spend alot of time questioning whether they're a good man or not." You sound like a good man, just keep working towards that goal.


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