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    Straight Female / 28

    First I want to put it out that I am not trying to justify anything. But I need to give some backstory first.

    My father had a stroke when he was forty one and was totally disabled and needed care 24/7. Among other things he lost his job and we ended up on a disability payments. My mother was a flight attendant when she met my father and had us two kids. When my father had his stroke I was sixteen and my sister seventeen. We had to sell the house and move into this small house in a much worse neighborhood, leave our private school where we had been since kindergarten and attend a public school with mostly poor kids. My mother always smoked, but it got worse and she drank. She had always been a bit of a social butterfly but now that we were down and out none of her friends stayed friends with her. Same for my sister and me.

    Next door to where we moved in lived a divorced man who tried to help my mother. Mostly handyman stuff getting the house to be able to maneuver the wheelchair, the lift and other needs. He also build this ramp for us so that we could move him in from the driveway which was easier than the ramp that was built to the backdoor. He liked me from the beginning and I liked him. He asked me to go look after his dog when I got off from school, to feed him and water him and walk him. For a 30 dollars a week. He also introduced me around for babysitting but people in our new neighborhood couldn't pay babysitters, they traded off or didn't use one or had family.

    One afternoon when I was taking care of the dog he kissed me. I was sixteen and virgin all over. It was my first kiss, the first time a man held me like that, the first time a man felt up my boob. He could tell I liked it and he felt me up between my legs. He undid my pants and put his hand in my pants and fingered me. He took out his cock and let me play with it. He gave it to me to suck, he took my shirt and bra off and fucked me on the couch. It felt so good, I am pretty sure I had an orgasm but it is all cloudy all I know is that I liked it and when he finished I didn't want him to stop.

    After that he fucked me a lot. I sucked him a lot. I loved sucking his cock. I don't know if his cock was overly big or not but to me it was so huge, I could get my hand around it and suck on him and lick his cock. When he fucked me it always felt good, no matter how or where we were. We started playing dog and I would get on all fours and crawl around on the floor barking and he would crawl around behind me and get on me and fuck me. His real dog would bark too and follow me around when I was on all fours, barking and he would push the dog off and fuck me. It was a crazy time.

    In the meantime my older sister got involved with the P.E. assistant, a Hispanic woman in her thirties. She was anything but soft, she looked like a man and walked like a man. If you looked real close she had a beard. At the time I didn't know anything about a woman wanting to become a man and hormones, but that is what she was doing, taking male hormones to grow balls. I hated her and I hated that she was doing my sister. In the end we both found inappropriate arms to fall into. My mother became a drunk, one of those drunks that is passed out and can't get out of bed. The day nurse would tell us when we got home but we couldn't do anything about it. We just got fucked.

    I told our neighbor about my sister and he got pissed that she was messing around with the P.E. lady at school. My sister took after my father, she was stocky and tallish and one day my neighbor had to fuck her and he did. I was there, I saw how he fucked her. She didn't like being held by him and she didn't like having him get his dick in her, but he did. She went on about how she was going to tell on him and I told her if she did I would tell on the P.E. teacher. No one said anything, my neighbor fucked her all he wanted and I watched. I would sit on the chair and pet the dog while he fucked her. She hated his dick, she hated it more when he made her suck his dick. Everything I liked she hated, everything she liked I hated. But at least I didn't have to put up with the P.E. teacher.

    My father died in his sleep before I finished high school. I went to junior college for a year. My sister went into the Navy. My mother died of lung cancer three years later. I love to get fucked, I love to suck cock. I love big male dogs. I like sleeping with my dog. I never neutered him, I couldn't do that. I hold him and let him fuck my hand. I like being the bitch and having the man crawl on me from behind. I really like that. My sister likes being in the Navy with all those man looking women. I don't like her friends that she tells me about and I don't even know them. I hate the pictures she sends me. I wish that our neighbor from when we moved could fuck her again.

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    What did your sister do that upset you so much? Does her being lesbian push your buttons that hard? It is in no way normal for a woman to enjoy seeing her sister r**ed vaginally and orally time and again while blackmailing her over her partner.
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    Thatâs some bizarre shit you tell. But I wish I was your neighbor. Especially you watching me fuck your sister!
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    Ever thought of letting your dog fuck your pussy?

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