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    Lesbian Female / 46

    I am a 56 year old lesbian with issues. Aren't we all. I do some sculpture, some painting, some decorating. I don't make much money and I live in a one room garage apartment in a nondescript older neighborhood. I work a few blocks away at this gallery which sells local painters, sculptors, and other artist. I have some of my work there.

    The man that came in to browse was talkative and I wanted to sell something, if I sold I got a commission. He went back to this small sculpture that I had made many years ago, about five inches tall of a naked girl. The model I used was a naked picture of me reaching for the sky when I was nineteen. Nothing outrageous, a naked girl reaching for the sky. He toyed with it and carried it around. I watched how his thumb moved over and over the space between the legs of the sculpture. He would shift and run his thumb over the breasts. The feelings I was feeling were unreal.

    I asked him if he liked it and he said yes, but how much. I told him I didn't know, I had to ask the owner. When I came back to him he was staring at the statue, touching its face, its breasts, its legs, caressing it. My mouth was dry and I told him that if he wanted I could show him the picture of the girl I had used for the sculpture. But the sculpture was $350. He agreed to the price and I told him I had more to show him but it was at my apartment and that is where the picture was.

    I drove with him to my apartment. I had a small settee to sit on, the bed and a dresser and lots of paintings on the wall, mostly mine with a few from friends. I went and got the album with the picture. He ran his finger over the picture looking at it and asked if it was me and I told him it was. There were other pictures in the album, it was a spread I had done in college with a professor who took pictures of naked students. Nothing outrageous but definitely naked and he took his time with each picture, looking at me and then back at the picture. He touched my breast.

    Then he touched my face and told me that he thought I was beautiful in a different kind of way. His hand went back to my breast, this time caressing it with purpose. He told me that he found me strangely attractive and right then he could really use a kiss. Lesbians don't kiss men, but I let him kiss me and he really felt my breast. He stood up and took off his shirt and told me to stand and helped me take off my shirt, baring my breasts to him and he played with them for a while bending over to kiss my nipples. Lesbians don't think that they are going to be screwed by a man, but when his hand went down between my legs and he held me and kissed me I felt that he was going to screw me.

    I had not been around a naked man for so many years, since my college days. I had not been naked with a man for many more years. He touched me gently, he sat on the settee and touched my delicate private parts using his fingers to press and to open, he slipped his hands onto my hips and pressed his lips against me and his tongue shot in me and around my clitoris. He stood and took me to my bed and laid me back on it and stood at the foot of the bed and asked me to gently open my legs for him. I could see his erection as I opened my legs and when he crawled onto me I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down and I felt him find me and penetrate me. Lesbians don't get screwed by a man, but right then I wasn't a lesbian I was in heat again and for those few minutes I went off into space with no time and felt him penetrate and penetrate and penetrate until he was done and he released me slowly.

    I fixed tea, we got dressed later. We went through all the paintings on my wall, through my album again. He offered to buy it but I said no. It was too personal, it was enough that he was taking the statue of me.

    He comes to see me and we go out to dinner, dating stuff. We have made love many more times by now. I know him and I know what to expect and I wait for it. He introduces me to some of his friends, some more of my work is now sold. I like that he likes me, I have never been wanted by a man before. We are old, he is in his sixties and I am in my mid fifties. The sex is good, it is actually very good. I like how he holds me to have sex, I like the feeling of him penetrating me. Maybe I am just getting old. I believe that I am a lesbian, I have lived all my life as a lesbian, but for right now I am enjoying this time with a man.

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    Oh, the wondrous and complex circumstances in human sexuality. I appreciated reading your story.
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    So enjoy being a bisexual.Variety is the spice of life ,after all.
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    You are as old as you think,so don't bother about the age.

    I am happy that your work is getting sold for a small but delicious price.
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    Very well written. I'm also glad your work is selling nicely. Thank you.
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    Why there is disparity between your age as shown and claimed?

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