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    Straight Female / 33

    Do you feel this? I get hugged by a man at work, he always hugs me really hard until my boobs are squished up against him. His hands move around, and they move over my rear. He also touches my face when he talks to me. He calls me sweetie, or calls me honey or calls me baby. I confessed to him when and where I first had sex and with who. I asked him if he really likes getting blowjobs. I have sat on a toilet in front of him at a club house. I like being smothered by him, the best feeling in the world is being held close when he whispers that I am his baby. I am thirty three years old and know better. The most dangerous sex I have had with him was at a party for a couple who got engaged. I wore a dress and he put me up against the counter in the kitchen and lifted my dress and penetrated me. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time for him to finish.

    I send him texts all the time, and some are pretty racy with things I want him to do to me. I am in love, in lust, crazy and cannot control myself. I took my panties off at work and gave them to him to show him I was horny. We work together and he is in a supervisory position with respect to me. I know I have to change jobs but that would mean that I wouldn't see him every day and I am scared that my feelings for him would change if I didn't work with him. Right now all I want is to be with him, to be locked up in his arms and feel his face on mine and hear him call me baby. I need a kiss so bad right now and I need to get back to work.

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    Just go jerk off somewhere girl & you'll feel better. Stop being some piddly crybaby. You're despicable.
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    What a freaky crybaby. When it's all said & done here the man will have tired of her for some reason & moved on. Look, she's only as valued to a man as her last sexual encounter was with him. Yup. she's thirty three ; and then she'll be forty three & then fifty three and most likely will reflect back to this time & wonder where the last 20years went. It happens all the time to women and they end up being old maids.

    The brighter side of this is that she may have another two years left to snag a man if she wasn't all hung up in gagaland. It's clear she's a toy for her supervisor, who most likely has a life and a home. She's been wasting time, living for the moment for many years now, living one dream to the next. No direction or purpose entertains her due to her having no goals. Then one day she'll comprehend being left hung out to dry with no security. Unfortunately lifestyles have for the most part evolved to be too complex for most women to negotiate the how & when of their priorities as they approach middle age.

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