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    Straight Female / 29

    Last Friday I went to lunch with the man that I am having an affair with. My affair with him has lasted a bit over a year. I met him through my best friend, who is also in an affair with him. He is a man who makes you feel special and sex with him always makes you feel like you are the woman. He is never hard or rough but he is masculine and he is in control. I guess that is what we both like, because we talk about it a lot. It's like he puts his hand on your throat and your legs spring open.

    My friend has had problems lately. Her father was released from prison last year and three weeks later he was killed in a hold up by a security officer. Some people say it was suicide by cop. Her mother has cancer and there is not much they can do, it is in her lungs. I try to be supportive, but her mother is in a real bad place and I don't know how to help her cope.

    When I first met him it was about him helping me with my grandmother's house. The city was trying to take it away to build a new street and bridge. In the end she had to sell and he helped us get a much better price than the city first offered. I got in bed with them, it was real kinky and a slut thing to do. It was the first time that my best friend and I kissed, for him. We also did other things for him, had sex for him. Not to mention that he had sex with us, swapping from her to me and back to her so that we both carried our juice inside each other. It was crazy but we did it. He likes to know that I am full of her and she is full of me. I had lunch with him to talk about what we could do for her.

    I went to see her on Saturday, she was in a very bad mood. Not bad, but sad. We made love, just her and I. It is the first time we make love just the two of us. It wasn't like when we make love for him to see, this time it was different. The kisses were different and the caressing and even when we got down was different. I have never made love to her, showing her that I love her. I don't think she had ever made love to me either. All we did was have sex so he could watch.

    It is raining today and her mother is much worse. He is right, she should be in hospice, but the family can't give up hope. I want to call her and ask her to come over and we can make love again. But if I ask her it won't be the same. I can't really just say come on over an we are going to get naked and screw around together. It has to be natural, like on Saturday. Since I have been in this affair with her and him I feel I know her better than I ever did before. When my father was sent to prison she was the only one in school who understood. That is when we became friends. We have been friends since grade school. Now when I look at her I want to hug her and not let go.

    Maybe after her Mom dies we can rearrange our living situation. I would love for her to live with me, just the two of us. Maybe we could make love every day, before he comes over or after he leaves. I know him, if we move in together he will want to move in too. It is just that I want a life where she and I have our home, I know it is small but it is our home, I am not thinking of leaving him out, not at all he still needs to come and tend to his flowers, we won't stay beautiful if he doesn't tend to us. And he will never stop tending to her, she is his love of loves. I am with him because he loves her and she loves me and we have been best friends since we were in grade school. I will never ruin it for her with him, I just want to be with her right now, and him too.

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