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    Straight Female / 36

    I first met Juan when he played soccer with my husband last year. I went to a few of their games and we were attracted to each other right away. He's 29, 6-foot-5, lithe and athletic. I ended up staring at him dominating on the field most of the time. Still, I knew there was no way anything would happen.

    Fast forward to two weeks ago, and I had a chance encounter with him on the street. He doesn't play on my husband's team any more so we caught up. None of that seemed to bother him, and he boldly asked me out. I was instantly turned on by his confidence. My husband and son were going away for the long weekend for a t-ball tournament and I was staying behind. Juan invited me to go and see his band play at a local bar.

    I fought with myself over it and told myself I couldn't do it. But on the Saturday I gave in. I dressed up in a tight blouse and shorts and went to the bar. Seeing Juan on stage playing guitar and vocsls was almost as hot as watching him play soccer. In between his sets we ended up drinking together and flirting, and I got kind of drunk.

    Afterward I went back to his place with him, one of his bandmates, and another woman. We drank more and smoked weed. Then his bandmate and the girl disappeared into one of the bedrooms and we started to hear moaning. I was drunk and turned on we started making out. I unzipped his jeans and his huge uncircumcised cock sprang out. I knew he'd be huge because guys with tall, thin bodies like that usually are. I sucked him off on the sofa while he ran his hands through my hair, telling me he couldn't wait to fuck me.

    Part of me wanted to leave before anything else happened, but hearing the other couple moaning and the fact that I knew this was my best chance because my husband was away kept me there. I was in a sexual frenzy when Juan pulled my clothes off and pushed me back on the sofa. Throwing my legs in the air, he slid his big cock into me and I purred like a cat. He was so long and thick he had to begin with gentle, languid strokes. But as the moans upstairs intensified, so did his cadence. Soon he was fucking me hard and I was moaning just as loud. His body was like a machine, so narrow and chiseled. I rubbed my hands all over his stomach tattoo as he fucked me harder and harder.

    I came fast and frequently, bucking up into him to feel every inch. With a few more thrusts he pulled out and came all over my tits, groaning loudly. I tingled everywhere and my whole body had turned a bright shade of pink. I milked his cock for every drop with my hand.

    At that point, I decided to stay over because I was too drunk to drive. We slept in his bed, and in the morning he fucked me again twice. He has amazing endurance. I went home and since then, I've been wondering when I'll do it again.

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