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    Straight Male / 31

    My parents broke up when I was about 9 and the one good thing my father did was let my mom keep the house. Other than that my older brother and me hardly ever saw him. Anyway, I was 17 when my brother went into the Army leaving me and my mom in a four bedroom house. My moms friend and co-worker Nora moved in with her bratty daughter who was between 12 and 13 and stayed with us from sometime that June until early that December. Meredith was an arrogant pain in the ass and I couldn't stand her. I was glad my mom gave her the room on the other side of the 2nd floor where she shared the bathroom in Nora's room. There were times almost everyday where I would be home alone with Meredith but I avoided her as much as possible. Then one day at the end of June this kid tells me she saw me naked. I just told her she was full of shit and there is no way she did. She just laughed and walked away from me. Because she was such a little bitch I always locked my bedroom or the bathroom doors. About a week or so went by and I went into the bathroom and got a shower and like I do a couple to a few times a week jerked off using soap. It was about two days later when that brat asked me if I jerked myself and I never heard anyone say it that way before. Then she told me she knows I masturbate and again giggled and went to her room. I knew then somehow she was in the bathroom hiding and the only place she could have been is in where the washer and dryer are. It has folding doors covering them and if she was in there she had to be on top of the washer or dryer. The top of those folding doors had horizontal slats so its probably where she was. I went up to the bathroom, sat on the washer, and when I folded the doors shut I could see clear into the shower sink and toilet. I knew then that little bitch was sneaking into the bathroom to watch me.

    Right away my first thought was to tell my mom and her mom when they got home or to just smack the shit out of her. The more I thought about it she had to know when I was going to shower. My mom had told me a few times in front of Nora and Meredith to get my shower before she gets home from work. It was make sure there would be hot water for her and Nora when they got home. When I thought about it I almost always got a shower between 3 and 4 in the afternoons especially when I got home from playing basketball. The next day after she said that I got home around 2:30 and didn't see Meredith so before I went into the bathroom I stood at my bedroom door. I cracked the door open a hair and sure enough after about 10 minutes Meredith came tip toeing down the hall into the bathroom. I had caught her red handed but instead of confronting her I decided not to. I just figured if she was so anxious to see me bare ass I would give her a show which kind of turned me on. So I gave her a couple minutes to hide and went in an just undressed and peed first before getting in the shower. There is a glass sliding door that is pretty clear with designs in it so I left it halfway closed so she could see me better. I got a hard on right away and made sure I was facing her as I washed myself. I was going to jerk off then I figured doing it different and waited until I got out of the shower. I dried myself off next to the doors and gave her a show she'd never seen me do. I bent over with my one foot on the toilet seat exposing my balls from my back. The whole time I dried myself I had a hard on and then stood by the toilet and jerked off with some of my moms body lotion. The toilet is right in front of the washer and drier so she had a ring side seat watching me. When I ejaculated I aimed it into the toilet. Just for the hell of it I got back in the shower and washed my dick and balls off then dried myself again. I just put a towel around me and went back to my room. I peeked out my door again and within a few minutes Meredith looked out first then scampered back to her room. This went on a minimum of a couple times a week and I jerked off every time I knew she was hiding in there. She only one other time said she knows I jerk myself then never again said anything about it. I have to admit I was disappointed when they moved out that December and had a lot of fun having her watch me. I saw her quite a few times over the next few years then I also went in the Army and have made a career out of it.

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    Who gives a shit
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    Meredith was plain stupid.
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    I did the same thing, but I was 13 watching my 17 year old sister. Had a similar way of seeing things. She would play with her nipples with the soap and get them to stick out an inch. They were amazing. I jacked off over my sister almost daily till my late 20's..

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