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    Gay Male / 48

    I have a friend, not a lover just a friend who asked me about how it was when we were growing up and we first found out we were gay. He is quite modern compared to how it was fifty years ago, in those days it wasn't quite legal.

    I spent my early years in a mid sized town in during the late sixties and early seventies. My father was the Police Chief during that time. Next door to us lived a family that traced its ancestors to the town founders and they were very proud of it. They had a boy who was my age and we rode the school bus together so we got to talk a lot and became friends.

    He had Great Dane. One day while I was over at his house he asked me if I had ever seen a Great Dane's dick. He got the dog and started to pulse his sheath and after a bit the head came out, then the long dick. He told me to touch it, he wasn't going to do anything. I had never touched a dick of anyone else or of a dog. The dog's dick in my hand felt strange but pleasurable and he started to get going and my friend held on to him. He calmed the dog down and we took our dicks out and touched them to the Great Dane's dick and then we touched them to each other.

    He took my dick in his hand and started to stroke me and asked me if it felt good and to do it to him. We were soon stroking each other and we were both hard and the Great Dane was back laying down on the floor with must the tip of his dick sticking out. My friend gave me his dick standing up and asked me to suck him and said that he would suck me next. His dick felt good in my mouth, I sucked him for a while and then he sucked me. It was the beginning of my first gay relationship.

    I loved sucking his dick, it felt good to me and he would lay on back and I would suck him. He always got hard which I liked and sometimes he got horny and would thrust into my mouth. I liked having him fuck my mouth and with a bit of practice we got to the point where we could ejaculate. At that age we could ejaculate and get hard again after a little bit of time. For eighth graders we were quite active, we kissed a little but mainly it was oral sex and hand sex.

    In college I met a couple of other guys who fooled around and we would get together and have gay parties. I was experienced by then and I could get most guys to ejaculate with a blowjob and a hand job. It was during one of these parties that one of the guys took out some Vaseline and I took my first dick. There were a couple of other guys who took it in the ass as well. During that period of time I let several guys fuck me and who knows how many I sucked.

    For a relatively small town we had an active community, men of all ages and walks of life. The secrets had to be kept, at that time it was pretty bad news if you were considered to be queer. There were a couple of established relationships, but mostly it was a case of moving from one to another and then to another. Relationships were fluid, and I don't remember ever falling in love. I loved the sex.

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    I would have sucked the Great Dane's cock and let him fuck me.
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    I had a best friend for years when we were in school that used to fuck me in the ass almost every day sometimes several times a day. Any time he got a hard on and we could get away with it I was always ready and liked getting fucked a lot and having his warm cum in my ass. We both liked sucking a dick and once we got a taste of each others cum it just came natural to swallow each others load every time and we loved to 69 and he always made me cum very hard in a 69 while he stuck something up my ass. We both liked to put each others nuts in our mouth and suck on them while we jacked each other off then cum in each others mouth. We had sex the very first time in the 6th grade when I talked him in to putting his dick in my ass and that started it all and we were both married in our early 20`s the last time I got him to fuck me. It was always great sex and feeling his dick cum in my ass was my favorite.

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