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    Straight Female / 43

    I confess. Not long ago, my car stalled in the rain on the highway and two teen boys picked me up. I was soaked through and my summer cotton dress was glued to my skin. They both got hard-ons and took them out and began to wank. They ended up both fucking me several times before taking me home. After they dropped me off I could not believe what I had done. It still baffles me. I'm at least as old as their mothers. It was good but I had not done anything like that, ever. It seemed so natural. They took turns on me several times.

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    You must have given them your phone number/s.Keep us posted.

    Great story but you should share more details. YOU ARE NOT OLD.This is the right age to enjoy and feel free.Just be careful about getting video recorded,blackmailed into becoming the slut of the entire young men of the town,extorted,catching some nasty infection/s.Tuberculosis is very rampant throughout and a condom can't be fitted to their lungs.
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    Since you enjoyed this and I am sure you will continue seeing them,don't join #Me Too" movement.That's hypocritical.
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    Any idea what made them hold enough to start stroking in front of you? Did they initiate contact or did you get the ball rolling?

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