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    Straight Male / 33

    The first part of this story is true -
    My wife and I were shopping around for a bedroom set, and the new ones at the furniture
    stores were just too expensive for us. So, we looked around Craiglist and finally found
    a nice set being sold for a good price.
    I emailed the seller, and he wrote back that it was still available. His name was TJ,
    and when he gave me directions for where he lived I got a bit worried. It was in kind
    of a bad part of town.
    But my wife and I were going downtown that Saturday for an outdoor music fest, and it was
    kind of on the way, so we went to check it out.
    My wife only had a sun dress on, and she was looking so sexy.
    We were very surprised when we got to TJ's apartment and he answered the door with
    just a pair of shorts on. I know it was hot out, but he could have put on a shirt at
    least?? lol. He was black, and he looked like some kind of professional athlete or something.
    You could just tell he was a strong guy.

    My wife and I ended up not buying the bed set from him, but later that night as we were
    fooling around we started talking about TJ. His dark body...his big I noticed
    him checking my wife out.
    My wife and I had sex talking about what it would have been like if TJ made a move on her.
    Just hearing her say that she wanted him got me so turned on!

    Ever since we met mind has nee wandering.

    I have this day dream running through my mind every hour of the days it seems.

    What if....when we get to TJs and he takes us to the bedroom, he pulls out a gun.
    He orders me to stand in the corner and with his free hand pushes my wife down on the bed.
    He is so strong, he is able to keep her pinned down and pull her sundress up and her
    panties down in no time.
    Keeping the gun on me, I watch as he mounts my wife.
    My wife lets out a loud gasp as he first penetrates her - he is so much bigger than I am!
    TJ saya something about how tight her pussy is, and said that I must be small.
    He actually asks my wife if she wishes I was bigger, and she says "yes".
    He then tells my wife to get ready, because he is going to fuck her like she needs to be

    At first I hear my wife yell over and over "NO NO NO".....but after a few minutes
    those "No's" have turned into OHH's".
    At the beginning she was pleading with TJ to stop, but now I hear her moaning "dont stop".

    I am embarassed, but I am actually aroused at seeing this black guy force himself on my
    wife. TJ is no longer pointing the gun at me, he has put it on the night stand and is
    continuing his work on my wife. I am in a trance - I dont move or say a thing.

    TJ is on top, but I can see my wife softly kissing his neck. She is making love to him!
    I see her white hands caressing his back up and down, and eventually grabbing his ass to
    pull him even deeper inside her pussy.

    I finally at least ask him to please pull out when he cums, but I pretty much knew that
    would not happen. TJ laughed at me and moments later as he looked me right in the eye,
    he groans and empties his load into my girl.

    With his spent cock still inside her, I see him move in for a kiss. And my wife opens
    her mouth up wide to accept his lips. They are now making love together.

    TJ and my wife top making out after awhile , and he climbs off her and says he will
    leave us alone for a bit while he gets something to drink. Once he leaves the room I
    lay next to my wife and hold her and tell her I love her. She is crying softly, and
    apologizes for some of the things she said about my cock and wanting TJ's cock more.
    I told her it was ok, and that I was happy to see her so sexually satisfied.
    That is when my wife says "I want to share it with you" and I am not sure what she
    means. But she starts to push my head down between her legs and I see TJs cum all over
    her pussy and seeping out of it.
    My wife says "please eat it", and I think to myself that if she can deal with being
    r**ed by TJ, I will give into whatever she wants.
    I had to block out of my mind that it was another man's cum I was eating - it was just
    my wife's very sloppy pussy.
    I swallowed so many mouthfuls of his sperm, though...omg...he was very potent.
    I started to like what I was doing, and I did not even notice TJ had come back to
    the room.
    I heard him laugh and say how he never in a million years expected to see THAT.
    TJ ordered me to get out of the way, and said he would put another load into my wife
    for me to enjoy.

    My wife offered to completely get undressed for TJ, and the 2nd round was even
    more amazing to watch. TJ and my wife went a it like they had been lovers for years.
    Every now and then my wife would look at me and say "I love you" but it got to the
    point where I did not know who she was saying that to!

    Afer he was done, he pulled out and said "there you go" and I eagerly start to
    clean up his sticky, gooey mess.
    I hear TJ and my wife kissing as they watch me eat her out - at one point I hear
    my wife tell him "you are amazing".
    TJ knows we will be visiting him often after that....

    Of course, my wife will is very late with her period this month. What if it does
    not come at all?? Would she have TJ's baby??

    On the outside chance that TJ reads this - I want you to know that my wife wants
    you! We do talk about you during sex all the time now.

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    Dont take it any farther. Guys dont understand when women get a new toy they will forget about you.

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