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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    There were these dark days in my house as a kid. My mother belonged to this man. My mother was a nurse and had to go to work early. After my mother went to work I would go sleep with him. He always had morning erections, his penis stood up and he would admire it. I would lay there and admire his penis with him. After a while he would get up to go pee, he was still hard so he peed into the tub and I would watch him pee. I took a shower with him, his penis was chest high to me and I watched him lather himself and then give me the soap to lather myself.

    If my mother had the night shift I slept with him all night. He was always ready and I could feel his hard penis rub against me. He never had a problem with me, I came home after school and did my chores and I got good grades. I got a scholarship to go to college.

    I am grown up now and I date now and then, and we when I am at my mother's house he and I get along fine. We never talk about those dark nights, but I remember them. I just haven't found the right girl. But I confess that when I am with a girl, and I am reaching the point of climax my minds goes back to being in bed while he admired his morning erection. I feel my mouth go over the top of his erection and it makes me climax every time. The memory is very real although I never did it, but I confess that I wanted to.

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    Well, you can suck mine!

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