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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    They've gone now, but only an hour or so ago I had my son in laws mouth wrapped around my long hard cock, then had his tight cute asshole speared by my mighty thick shaft, as I fucked him over my work bench.
    I've been fucking him over the last eight months. Ever since I saw his reply to a gay ad I'd put out on my hookup profile. I guessed it was him and sure enough when he met "Frank", not my name, he was surprised to see me.
    He tried to make all kinds of excuses, but I knew the young man who wanted to suck on Franks cock and let Frank fuck him, was indeed my son in law. Finally admitting it, we drove over to place I knew near to a rocky outcropping. Getting him to show me his oral skills, I then lubed up his ashole with my spit, rimming him, and buried my thick length up his ass. He yelled out a few times about my cock being too thick, but I carried on fucking him until I busted my nut up his ass.
    And ever since that sunny evening I've been fucking him whenever we've had the chance. I'm not ashamed of my sexuality one bit, and my wife knows I fuck men outside of our marriage. The only thing she tells me, is never to bring anything home. In other words keep it safe and clean. The fact is I knew A was clean and so we've always fucked bareback. I no longer cruise for other guys as A gives up his mouth and ass when ever I want him. My wife and our daughter have no idea I'm fucking A, as I did an hour ago in my shed. Or at least I don't think they do.
    Mind you the reason they were round, was so A and I could finalize a trip we're taking together. My wife and my daughter seemed only too happy for us to go, and my wife even offered (Which is as rare as hens teeth) to pay for the four day hiking and fishing trip.
    Needless to say when we're away, I'll be fucking the shit out of my son in law. Only nine days left until I get him, his mouth and his beautiful asshole all to myself.

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