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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    As a fifteen year old I discovered I could suck on my cock. I also learned that my penis was much larger than most guys around my age. And in later life I found out, it's much bigger than most men's cocks.

    Most days I would suck myself off, getting at least three inches of my dick into my mouth. It never failed to have me spurting my load into my mouth and I soon began to love the taste. When I was sixteen I admitted to a close friend what I could do, and he wanted to watch me do it. So at a place near to a reservoir we used to go to, I let him watch me suck my own cock and saw him become erect in his shorts. He took out his dick after I'd emptied my balls down my throat and asked me if I'd suck his cock too.

    His was my first, and I enjoyed taking every single inch of his cock down my throat. He told me I was the first person, male or female to suck on his cock, and it became a very regular thing for us. Each time with me swallowing his cum.

    During a long mutual suck session in his bedroom (69), his uncle caught us and threatened to tell his parents. He bottled it and began to cry saying his father would go mental. So looking at his uncle I said i'd suck him off too if he wanted to. With a huge smile on his face, he took out his cock and almost rammed his hard on into my mouth. I sucked him off to the point of cumming, only for him to say sucking his cock wasn't good enough. Spinning me over, I knew what he wanted and prpared myself to take his cock up my bum. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends how you look at it, my friends parents came home, and we had to stop.

    He never did fuck me, although I did suck him off a few times whenever he was around at my friends home. My friend and I became extremely close for a couple of years and we eventually ended up fucking. It was never a main part of our sexual relationship, as I was the one doing the fucking. And his arsehole just couldn't take my cock too much.
    It was all innocent enough, except for his creepy uncle.

    These days I really enjoy fucking younger guys who can take every inch of my cock up their arseholes. I'm a married man so I have to be careful who, where and when I fuck them. But most weeks I have eager young men drooling to get my long thick cock up their rear love holes.

    And believe me there is no shortage of gay, bisexual and so called straight young men who want my dick buried deep up their bums.

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    It was just not something I was able to do. I tried but failed, the most I got to was being able to kiss myself, but not suck myself. I had to wait until I got the opportunity to suck another guy's cock.
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    Hot confession. Other than sucking my own cock, this sounds very similar as what happened to me. I sucked off a close friend fairly often (and loved swallowing). One afternoon his uncle caught us in a 69 and rather than my friend getting in deep shit, I serviced the uncle on many occasions. I let my friend fuck me but would only suck off the uncle. Thirty years later, I still suck my friend off and he still sucks and occasionally slips his cock in my ass.
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    Sucked a boy at thirteen, sucked a man at fifteen
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    That is hot ! I also like to suck cock and I live in California, if anyonee lives by Modesto,and wants sucked off, leave me a note !

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