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    Straight Female / 25

    I grew up in Mission, Texas and finally came north to get out of that cesspool when I was 21. Drugs were rampant and I got into using H, crack and weed when I was 16 the same year I lost my virginity. I lived in a small dumpy trailer with my mother and haven't seen my father since I was about 14. My mother didn't use drugs, maybe smoke weed once in awhile, but made up for it with all the booze she drank. I don't know how it all transpired but somehow a woman named Ginger and her boyfriend or fiancée Hector talked my mother into letting them rehab me from drugs. My mother knew them for years and I suppose trusted them and I was so into drugs I didn't know what was going on. I was 18 and they took me to a house outside Mexico City where Hector was from. For over 7 months I never knew I was in Mexico. Most of that 7 months I don't remember but what I do know is those two had no intention of getting me off drugs. Hector turned out to be a pervert and Ginger for reasons I still don't know never attempted to help me. Hector began by examining me naked and as far as I can remember was able to arouse me and have me orgasm. I know he had me jerk him off many times and he also had intercourse with me many times and shooting me up everyday. There were times when I remember Ginger watching as he did these things to me. During those 7 months I don't know how many other men I had sex with or gave blow jobs to and recall some of them didn't speak English. To be honest I only today recall bits and pieces of what I went thru but know I was used by Hector. I was always high and most of the time think I was naked and do remember walking around that way in front of Hector, Ginger and whoever else was in the house. I don't think I even cared I was so high and was subjected to every type of sex I can think off often with a verity of men there. I didn't know it at the time but found out later that I was filmed many times and even today there are websites with me naked and having sex with various men, mostly Mexicans. I don't know how or why I finally got out of there because I can only remember waking up in a Mexico City Hospital. What I found out later is that the Police raided Hectors house, probably for drug distribution, and found me unconscious. Had I been there much longer I would probably be dead by now. My uncle came that week and took me back to Texas where I was put in rehab for real. I've been clean now for 6 years and right now have a fairly good job and a wonderful boyfriend. He doesn't know anything about all that and since leaving Texas I have never told anyone. It still embarrasses me just to think about it. Much of what went on I still don't remember but much of it I do. I work for a large company and have met a lot of people and made many friends over the last few years. My greatest fear now is that someone I know will see me on one of those porn websites. There are three websites I know of that show me having intercourse both anal and vaginal. One in particular shows me giving hand jobs and giving blow jobs and having semen all over my face. It not only is humiliating but disgusting and it makes me sick. I have not seen my mother for 4 years and haven't spoke to her in over 3 years. I don't know if I can ever forgive for letting Hector take me away. I just hope he dies a horrible death.

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    Every person is in charge of their own Destiny. If you saw your loser mother having no life or ambitions you could have changed that in yourself. So I have no sympathy for you and yes your videos will be spread out and sooner or later you will be discovered. This will teach you that you are a whore and deserved what happened to you. FUCK YOU
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    #1 and bingo, we found the psychopath in this site.
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    Send links to the sites.
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    Sounds like a good life. I’m jealous

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