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    During our senior year in college we drove to Las Vegas for a wild weekend. Wild enough for college kids without money. My roommate got hooked up with this cocktail waitress/hooker and in the morning he had married her. She was now married and insisted on going back to college with us, anything to get out of Las Vegas.

    The poor sucker of my roommate tried to talk her into not being married, getting it annulled or something, but she wasn't going for that. She took her place in his room, and started to run the place. At one point I told her that if she was going to stay she couldn't be a hooker, not that she was mind you, I just wanted to make sure she wasn't doing stuff out of our apartment. We found out that she was 26 from Kansas City and we were 22ish at the time.

    I guess sunlight does its thing, at first she never went out during the day and when we went out at night it was pancake face time, but after a while we got her to stop putting on so much make up. She got a job as a hostess at Denny's. We left college and my roommate was still married to her. I had moved out of the apartment with him by then, but we have remained friends all these years.

    There is no way we can know for sure that she was a hooker in Las Vegas, but the odds are so stacked in favor of that we have to assume she was. My wife, who from time to time, has to associate with her reminds every time that she is doing me a favor. Mind you my wife is a Christian girl.

    Other than she is four or five years older than him she pretty much goes along with being his wife. She is not dumb, but she is not educated so more often than not we have to swallow something she says. I know pretty much for sure that she never had a boob job, she just naturally has the greatest boobs you can imagine which kind of fits in with why she went to Las Vegas, to be a dancer. Also sort of the reason my roommate fell for her that night in Las Vegas.

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    This is the most boring story ever written in the world, ever !
    What an utter pile of utter dogshit

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