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    Straight Female / 27

    I have a cousin who is just full bodied and has great boobs. I take after my mother and I am flat chested and tall and naturally thin. I worship my cousin. I worship her boobs. Life just isn't fair. She has so many boyfriends and men piling all over her and I have to struggle to get a conversation going. I offer myself, but I am not that lucky. If I want to find a guy to take me home I have to get him when he is drunk. She just twists her hand in the air, and points to the lucky guy and she goes off with him to tell me the story later.

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    My brother got the looks and I got the personality, which means Dick when it comes to getting a girl. BUT!...with that being said I got something my brother doesn't have, a big thick cock! Now granted I may not get the girls my brother does but the ones I do get always come back for more!
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    Develop a sense of humor and a "ready to fuck" attitude and watch your luck change.
    It has little to do with big tits and everything to do with the amount of sexual energy you project

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