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    Straight Male / 45

    I am putting this confession under Gay stories because that is what this story is about. I had a very good friend back in my younger years. He and I had been friends for about three years and we were together almost every day. We were in the 7th grade and always at his house after school and both of us were always horny and talked about girls all the time and liked looking at his fathers dirty magazines and on several occasions we had showed our dicks to each other and even liked touching each other so we were able to talk openly about being so horny and one after noon we took turns jacking each other off and made each other cum.
    After that it was normal for us to jack each other off every day. He was Hispanic and his dick was dark brown and looked pretty hot in my white hand and he had a pretty big dick and he came a lot more than I did. We talked about sucking each other off pretty often but neither of us would actually do it.
    He asked me one afternoon if he could lay on top of me and rub his dick on my ass. I thought it would feel pretty good and he wanted to do it until he came and I told him we could try it if he really wanted to. It wasn't long before I was face down on the carpet in his bedroom both of us naked and his big dick was in the crack of my naked ass and he was humping me like crazy and just before he came he held his dick to my asshole and shot a huge load right on my asshole and it felt so good I pushed my ass up towards him and we were both moaning out loud and next thing I know his dick is going up my asshole and he is telling me over and over to "Take it"
    My ass is on fire and it hurts a lot but he keeps pushing and I have tears running from both eyes as he is shoving his long thick Mexican dick up my ass until I can feel his nuts pressed to mine and he begins to really shove it in me hard and force it as deep in to my asshole as possible and after quite a few really hard thrust up my ass he starts to cum deep in my asshole and it was hot and I could feel it shooting up my ass and it felt damn good and I kept shoving my ass up towards him wanting him as far up my ass as I could take him and he really shot a lot of warm cum in my ass. He raised up off of me supporting his upper body with both his arms and was looking down at his fat brown dick stuck up my ass then he started thrusting it up my ass telling me it felt good and he liked watching it going in and out of my ass.
    I liked hearing him talk to my and with all the cum in my ass I was nice and lubricated and enjoying the feel of his long fat dick slipping in and out of my asshole and I asked him if he could do it to me some more. He got all excited knowing that I was enjoying it enough to ask him to do it some more so he started to fuck me again and right away I felt his cum dripping out of my ass and covering my nuts as he fucked me really good and we were both moaning and groaning and really going at it and it took him a very long time to cum and when he was real close he held on to me tight and asked me if I wanted him to cum in me again. I told him Yes! right away and he rammed his hard dick up my asshole and shot another huge load deep in my asshole and later when he went soft and slipped out of my ass I felt a huge amount of warm cum run out of my ass and run over my nuts and puddle between my legs.
    We just laid there quietly for awhile then I asked if we could do it again tomorrow. He said "Sure any time you want to" For the next two years he fucked my ass almost every day and some times more than once a day and on weekends when we were around each other all day we would go to different places where we knew we would not get caught so he could fuck me in the ass.
    All good things come to an end and a few months before he moved away his cousin came to stay the summer wit him and he told his cousin how he had been fucking me in the ass and his cousin wanted to fuck e too so the next day he told me and talked me in to letting both of them fuck me and right away I liked it and having two big hard Mexican dicks fucking me and having all that cum in my ass was even better. By the end of the summer I was getting fucked while I sucked the other one and could get them both off every time and it always felt good and it was a huge turn on to feel a bunch of warm cum shooting up my ass while the other came in my mouth. I liked getting fucked and being watched and one big hard dick after the other in my ass and the more cum they shot up my ass the more I wanted. We even talked about more guys joining us and it excited all three of us to think about a group of guys fucking my ass and we all wanted to get me gang banged but we never did.
    After he moved away it was a few years before I had another friend fuck me one weekend while his parents were out of town and he was very well hung and once he fucked me he wanted to fuck me all the time and Our Senior year of high school and almost a year after we graduated he fucked me all the time. After that it was years before I ever got fucked again and over the years until I was in my early 30`s I let several other men give me anal sex and the really well hung ones really felt good. I let 3 different married men fuck me several times over the years and let them cum in me a few times since they were married I felt they were safe and I really liked the feel of a big dick going off deep in my ass.
    One man I had sex with a couple of times was a very thick 9" and he came a lot and could do it 2 or 3 times when we met. He filmed it two different times and I watched it over and over for years. Now I have been married for 15 years and haven't done anything with Men since I got married but there are times when I have the privacy I still enjoy sticking things in my ass and I enjoy fucking myself hard and deep and when I cum I like putting it in my ass and fucking myself some more. Maybe some day I can meet a nice married well hung man that would enjoy fucking my ass in a very private place and my wildest fantasy is to go on a hunting trip with a group of very masculine men like myself and for a week or so they all fuck the hell out of me and make me take their huge dicks all the time and gang fuck me every night and day and I finally get to try a DP with two very big dicks in my ass at the same time. I have not had sex with other men for years but I think about it very often.

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