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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This is from long ago, but I still think about it every day. I was a graduates student in Anthropology and I was invited to join a group going to Central America to study the indigenous populations. We were split up into teams of two and we would go out to this village or that village, take our notes and come back to the city. for the night. The guy I was assigned to be with had been on one other similar expedition and he spoke Spanish so I found myself following his lead. The expedition provided for a translator, a local Anthropologist who also spoke English. The truth be told, the expeditions were more for us to learn how to conduct this type of research than to actually gather ground breaking data. Everyone seemed to know that but me.

    At this one village we got to talking to the village chief or elder and our local host gave me the floor to ask questions and I found myself being corrected over and over again, you can't ask that, that is not the way to ask that question, don't be personal, ask open questions, I got sick of it and told my host to get off my back and I walked out of the session. My host followed me outside and gave me a tongue lashing telling me that I was the student and he was the professional. He humiliated men publically and in front of my fellow student and partner.

    At the hotel that night my partner told me that I had been out of line, the Anthropologist that had been assigned to us was a respected professional and he was an Alum of Penn State with a PhD. I felt bad and my partner comforted me, he sat beside me with his arm around my shoulder and he kissed me on the forehead and the next thing he kissed me on the mouth and laid me back on the bed and put his hand in my pants. He concentrated on getting my pants down and he swallowed me down to my balls. He didn't speak he just concentrated on giving me a blowjob.

    After he had helped me cum, he laid beside me again and kissed me while he held my penis in his hand. A bit of time passed and he undid his pants and took them off and pulled my pants all the way off and got between my legs and with a little bit of work and lots of spit he penetrated me and he fucked me until he came. After a few minutes of laying on the bed he got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. He brought out a towel for me and offered to clean me up. We got dressed and went down to the restaurant to meet the other teams and have dinner.

    The topic of the breakdown in the field never came up and we went over the day's activities and after dinner I went back to our room. He came in about an hour later and asked me how I was doing. He wanted a kiss but I refused and his feelings were hurt. I sat on my bed looking at him, he got up and got down on the floor between my legs and told me he spoke analingus. I had no idea what he was talking about. He stood up and this time he did kiss me and told me that we should go and take a shower and he would teach me analingus.

    We got naked again, and we got into the shower and he had me hold his penis and lean over and suck on him, and he sucked on me and we kissed several times and after a few minutes he had me turn around and put my hands on the back wall of the tub and he kneeled and he gave me analingus while he held and stroked me in an erection. He insisted in that I perform analingus on him and give him a blowjob in the shower. We dried off and returned to my bed and this time we had sex using some hand cream that he had in his suitcase. This time it was very pleasurable and I wanted him to lean down and kiss me while he performed sex on me. After sex we went over to his be which was not undone and we slept naked.

    The rest of my trip and the following semesters until I finished my Graduate Degree he and I remained friends. We joked that part of our experience on that trip was mastering a second language, analingus having become a favorite part of our showering ritual.

    I remember that time in Grad School, I credit it with opening my understanding that we are all not what we appear and we are all subject to change. As I grew older I developed a separation with the concept that sex was personal and just as easily had sex with men and women without becoming attached. I can't say that for many of the partners I had sex with, it was easy for me to seduce them, but many felt that there had to be more than just sex. And for women, performing analingus with them seems to be a breakpoint with them, even more than anal sex. I do admit that I have a significant preference at performing oral sex with a man than a woman. I like penetration, and performing oral sex on a man touches some basal instinct in me, and it readies me for receiving him. In that sense I always remember my project partner from that expedition with him during Grad school.

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