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    Lesbian Female / 46

    I got a job counseling young gay high school women. The counseling was part of the church outreach and the girls came because their parents brought them or from time to time they came on their own. The more I talked to them the more I realized that they were talking about me. My experiences, my feelings when I was in high school. How I felt.

    It brought back memories of crushes I had for other girls, and this long lasting crush I had on this teacher. I began to crush on some of these girls, listening to them but not paying attention, thinking of them and what it would be like to be lost in a far away place and I would comfort them.

    I acted out on one of these crushes. I seduced a seventeen year old girl and had a short affair with her. She confessed to her parents that she was fine because I was having an affair with her and so that meant I approved. I lost my license over her and I had to leave town. Fortunately nothing else came of it, except the pain of having to face up to what I had done.

    I work at the women's center now, I am unlicensed so I just work there and from time to time I find myself talking to some of these women, not counseling just talking. Some of these women are there because they are poor and on the street. But others come because of relationship issues, and not all of them are first time clients. This one woman came in, she is 23 and got beat up by a casual boyfriend, screamed to me that she was gay inside. She had refused him when he wanted to have sex and he took it out on her physically. I worked with her, slowly pulling her feelings out of her, slowly bringing her into my web. The day I made love to her I felt I had achieved victory.

    I took her home with me, taught her to be my girlfriend. We had sex often. Making love to her memories of all those girls when I was working for the church flashed through my mind. All those lesbian girls who were being taught not to be lesbian. You can't be who you are not, I lived a fairly miserable life until I figured out I was hiding who I was. I should have never acted out with one of my charges when I was counseling. I should not have taken this girl in. But it is what it is, she is a lesbian through and through and she isn't ever going to accept a man.

    I am infatuated with her, in love with her. I fell in love with her the day she was brought in by her friend. You are who you are. And I knew she was a lesbian the minute I spoke with her. She is finding herself and she is not with me right now, but I know she will come back. With me she has a place to be herself, the real person she is inside.

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    Your a predator & dangerous & you haven't learned your lesson.
    Go to the gay bar's.
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    You're no better than any of the other pervy sex fiends. The p**ophile and predator clergy and teachers have nothing on you!

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