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    Straight Female / 29

    We've all probably done something in our lives we regret. I certainly regret what I've done, but I'm also now at a loss to how I feel and what I want.

    What I'm talking about, is cheating on my husband through another persons jealousy.
    I was told by text from a woman who knows us called Rachel, that my husband had fucked a teenager when I was away with friends on a Hen weekend. She named the teenager, who I knew had had contact with my husband. And Rachel also said the girl had described to her exactly what they'd gotten upto. From her words, my husband and this girl had fucked all night long and were still fucking when the postman delivered the mail the following morning. They'd had that much sex, my husband had had to destroy our bed sheet, and that's why there was a new one (Wrong colour, he's colour blind) on our bed.

    Still away with the girls I was furious and decided what's good for him, is certainly ok for me. That night aching with hurt and sexual revenge in my mind, I allowed two young men to chat me up. They weren't my usual type, being slim and nerdy looking. But another girlfriend of mine had said one of them has gotten the biggest dick she'd ever seen.

    Long story short time. Going back to their place instead of the hotel, I along with the young men got naked and boy was my friend right. The first young man was average sized about six inches, but his friend, a young man called Erran has a cock most other men would be proud to have. It's almost ten inches long (I've measured it) and it's nearly seven inches around. When I first saw it, my jaw dropped and his smile widened.

    Over the mext few hours both young men licked my pussy and ate out my arsehole. I sucked them both off numerous times, but mostly sucked on Erran's huge cock. Erran's friend was the first to fuck me, making me suck on his mates cock as he fucked me from behind. He lasted only a few minutes before he came all over my back. Pulling out he actually said "I've got her ready for you bro, enjoy that pussy man".

    Erran sat down on his couch and asked me to fuck him. He said I could set the pace and depth he fucked me at and so i could get used to his size. The fact was, I was so annoyed with my husband, it didn't matter to me, so I sank right down in one long slide along his cock shaft, and I very nearly screamed.

    It was close to two am when I took Erran's cock into my pussy. The sun was rising when I lay on my right side and shook with what was my dozen or so orgasm of the night, as Erran slid his cock up my arsehole. His friend had long gone to bed and we'd just carried on having such amazing sex. It was for me the best sex I'd ever had and to end the night of anything goes sex, and anything did go, I had Erran cum up my arsehole again as the sun beamed into his bedroom, and then he spent an age licking and tonguing both my holes until I came again.

    Joining the girls later that morning, one of them said my husband had been trying to get hold of me all night. Ignoring her, I finally switched on my phone. There was forty two missed calls and countless texts all from my husband. And the theme of the texts "Rachel's a lying jealous bitch. I cannot believe she'd lie to try and get me into bed and leave you". Each text went further into detail how Rachel had sold him a new bed sheet, because he's spilled beer and curry all over our bed. The young teenage girl was round at our home early, but only to collect a dress I'd sold on the internet (Picking it up instead of having the delivery costs), and she just so happens to work in the same shop as Rachel.

    It turns out Rachel has had a crush on my husband since they went to school together. But if you saw her, you'd understand why my husband wouldn't be interested in such a fat, over made up and sick in the head bitch. How she got my mobile number I still don't know. What I do know, is I'd had the sexual time of my life with a young man who I wouldn't normally pass the time of day with.

    Back at home this past two months, I've tried to ignore Erran's texts. I know I should delete his number and block him, and I know when my husband makes love to me, I shouldn't think of Erran's massive cock. But I do think of him
    and his enormous penis and I have kept his number.

    My husband is away shortly, going to a body building convention. Erran's text me only days ago and asked me why I haven't been in contact. He's not been stalking me or anything, but I know he'd love to bed me all over again. And if I'm honest, I'd love to feel his huge cock fucking my mouth, pussy and arsehole all over again.

    If it wasn't for that fat bitch Rachel, none of this would have happened and I'd be a happy housewife. As it is, it did happen and I often think of Erran and his wonderful ways of making me climax over and over again.

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    Erran thinks you're a big cock, three hole, married cum dump. He thinks because you're married you won't make trouble for him and he can bareback you without worry.

    Your confusion about the situation and fantasizing about him indicate he's right. It's time to break it off with one or the other. If you can accept that Erran will treat you like a whore and maybe share you out with his mates occasionally, go for it but don't be surprised when he replaces you with a another cock drunk married chick he can pump and dump with no strings attached. After all,he didn't stay with the friend who told you about his dick, did he?

    If you want something more permanent and emotional, lose Erran's number and work on your marriage. You don't want to give Rachel exactly what she wants on a silver platter, do you?
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    #2 you really do hate women who cheat?

    Why? Well, obviosly your wife or girlfriend left you because she noticed what a fucking nutjob you are.

    She didn't cheat you. She left you because you belong to a mental hospital but you are too crazy to not to go there yourself.
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    Have you made up your mind? Are you going to grow your trusting husband's horns a few more inches? Cuck him again with your big dick lover for your own selfish pleasure even though you know he's innocent of cheating on you?

    Do what you want, but don't try to blame Rachel. That excuse might fly for the first incident, but the return visit is all on you.

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