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    I think I just want to know how many other men feel and react with their nudity at home. I never married even though I came close twice. I think my desire to be naked as much as possible began in my teen years and today its obsessive for me. I do work 5 days a week and swing shift from day to night work every other week. As soon as I get home however I am naked until I go out or back to work. It has little to do with exhibitionism because my main comfort is the freedom to just being naked. I do have a girlfriend presently who thinks I over due my nudity and I know she doesn't approve of it. I do see her once or twice a week but she prefers me going to her apartment rather than my house knowing I'll be nude as soon as she comes here and stay like that. I do jerk off excessively but still don't dress afterwards. I suppose being naked most of the time causes me to become aroused more often but I am still without clothes even when I don't feel well. I never go out of my way to expose myself but unknown to my girlfriend there are two young girls who see me naked 4 or 5 times a month. They are cousins and one lives down the street from my house. The neighbor girl is 20 and her cousin is 19 so I'll just call them D and H. It was 9 or 10 months ago when D came to my door asking for a donation for a family who lost a brother in a fire a few blocks from my house. When I opened the door I only leaned over with my head and shoulders not letting her see me naked from my chest down. I told her to wait a second and did leave the door ajar just a bit. I went into the kitchen and came back with ten dollars to give her. I didn't expect it and don't remember exactly what she said but she referred to the fact I was naked and said she saw me. I said sorry but added I am always naked at home or something to that effect. I thought she would leave then but continued to hold me in conversation telling me the details of the fire and that it was a kid and she used to go to school with his sister. She just kept talking and I don't know what made me say this but I just asked if she would like something to drink and if she wanted to come in.

    As soon as I said that I thought sure, she is going to come into a house with a naked guy who she doesn't know. Then I said sorry again and laughed saying "I'm sure you don't mind seeing a guy naked". I couldn't believe her reply when she said she sees her brother naked all the time. I think my jaw dropped and all I recall saying is she was more than welcome to come in as long as she didn't mind my appearance. With that she said she would like a glass of water and the next thing I knew she was following me to the kitchen. It sounds like I might try to hit on her but that's not the case. She is not a cute girl at all and is obese to say the least dressed in a sweat suit outfit. I gave her a bottle of water and she sat at the kitchen table as we kept talking with me standing unashamed in front of her never covering myself. I am the one who asked if she wasn't offended by my nudity and all she said was that I was a good looking man. Up to that point I was in shock that she even came into my house then all the sudden I started getting a hard on which I didn't intend. For the third time I said sorry but she just said it was ok and had a smile on her face. She must have stayed for about ten minutes then said she had to go adding it was nice talking to me. I don't know what made me say it but I told her she was welcome anytime and that I was home during the day every other week. The following week on a Saturday afternoon she came back and knocked on my door. I was surprised she did but let her in and this time gave her a beer which she asked for. We talked for an hour and all the while I stood there naked as she sat in the kitchen. I got erections twice but didn't dare masturbate or ask her if I could. Its funny because I had absolutely no desire to have sex with her. Both times I got a hard on I apologized but by now she found it amusing. She began coming once a week, usually on Saturday and occasionally a weekday I was on night work. About three months went by and that Saturday afternoon she brought her cousin H who also is heavy and unattractive. I knew then they came wanting to see me nude and I had no problem accommodating them. Depending how long they were here I always got a hard on once or twice and never tried to hide it. About the fourth time H came with her I was more open with them telling them how I always had an obsession with nudity. That day was the first time I jerked off in front of them and now do it every time they come over. I hope to get them to jerk me off but only asked once and was denied. I guess they don't mind watching me and seeing me naked but so far neither one is willing to do it for me. They usually stay for an hour or close to it and only have a couple beers and sometimes only water. Aside from my girlfriend and past girlfriends I never intentionally let girls see me naked but know a few have over the years. Having D and H see me naked and permitting me to jerk off is not something I ever planned but is has become very arousing and something I look forward to each week. I don't know if they actually like me but by now know the only come because they know I'll be naked. They do smile when I masturbate so evidently they like watching me. They only come during the afternoons, mostly Saturday and never come a night although I have invited them to. I'm just having a good time with the situation and hope my girlfriend doesn't find out about it.

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