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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    July 2014
    One of my neighbors Veronica a retired nurse aide like myself is friends with this older man who is 72 and in a wheelchair. I talk with him on occasion and Veronica told me his name is Bill and I never knew which way he flew. It was in July when Veronica and I spent an hour talking and then we shared some of our work past and then I told her how I used to get it on with the old guys in the nursing home either giving them happy endings or sucking them off. I knew I could talk to Veronica because we both had some things in common.

    We were talking outside but where no one could hear us in the grocery store parking lot early in the morning. So she asked me âSo you are ok with older men doing you?â and I said yes. And she said âYou know Bill has done a few guys and would it be ok if he did you?â and I said âI am glad you said that because I have been trying and I could not figure him out. Sure I like for him to do meâ and she saidâ I will tell him and whatâs a good time for him to come over?â So I said in the morningsâ and she said she will tell him and we left.

    On Saturday morning at 915am I get a knock on the door and it Bill and so he comes in and I lead him to my bedroom and we undress and he lays on his back on my bed and I suck his cock getting it wet and then I turn around letting him get a good look at my white bouncy ass and he holds his cock up as I rub it in my ass crack several time before getting it stuffed in my ass. I ride up and down on it letting him watch my ass bounce off his things and he rubs my ass when he can. Finally after a few minutes I get off and get a wash cloth and clean his cock off and then come back and frot fuck him in missionary position making the bed squeak as I fuck him. Finally after 30 minutes I roll to the side and let him play with my dick and he gets it hard again and I lay on my back and then I cum on my stomach. I wipe the cum off and help him dress and get in the wheelchair and walk naked with him to the door and thank him.

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