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    Straight Male / 30

    Not a sex story.

    Today I came face to face with the man responsible for ending my marriage with my wife. 3 years ago I caught her cheating and when I said it was me or him she picked him. That lasted only a few months but it was too much to forgive.

    The guy recognised me today straight away: I was with a colleague waiting for the train. The guy literally stopped in his tracks and looked like heâd seen a ghost before heading off in the opposite direction. Definitely didnât get on my train.

    Not sure how to feel about it to be honest, but brought back a few memories of darker times and nice to be able to have the moral high ground and show that my life is far more than heâll ever be :)

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    Did she rip you off,financially? You have done the correct thing by ending the marriage.Even a single penetrative incident should be sufficient.Never forgive a spouse,irrespective of the gender,who betrays trust.Also,stay committed yourself.
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    There is a remote possibility that she might ditch him or vice a versa.Don't accept her back,even if for exacting revenge by tormenting her.Let her be the town slut.

    You can refuse to reply but I would like to know if you were not satisfying( not just sexually) her that she left you for another guy.You are quite young.
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    Hi I'm the OP.
    @@ 2 - they ended a while ago anyway but it was just satisfying from my perspective seeing him out of the blue being totally fine about it. Like I said I've moved on to a new relationship and am very happy. To answer the second part of the question: she always claimed it wasn't sexual. It certainly wasn't because we had a vanilla sex life - we regularly did anal, bondage, fisting, squirting etc. She's told me since that she is too self-centred and the wedding itself it what pushed her over the edge. I'm pretty sure she isn't with anyone now just hooks up with guys. It feels great to say that I'm really not bothered.
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    You are a pussy and a loser. A real man would have beaten the shit out of that loser and as for your whore wife she probably wasnât happy with your pencil dick. Fuck you
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    Good on you for taking the high road, especially as long as you feel good with what you did. Reminds me of events I experienced on jury duty one time. Some chick starts playing around on her husband with a short, fat low life greaser. They story was it wasn't about sex but that was it they did. Sure some drugs were involved and maybe he broad was caught up and all. Wife moves out on husband leaving him the home. Husband comes home from work one day to find wife and greaser fucking on the bed. Husband confronts greaser who pulls a knife from under the bed and threatens husband. Husband reaches into nightstand and pulls loaded .45 revolver from drawer and puts four shots into greaser. Wife freaks out and tries to hide knife, clean up scene, frame hubby when cops come. In court she's on the stand lying like a rug. When all is said and done husband gets acquitted case of self defense. Wife gets locked up for perjury, destroying evidence and few other minor things. She served time while hubby gets off scot free. Afterward hubby finalized the divorce and felt pretty good about how things went for him. As a jury we felt good about justice being served. The best part is the louse got what he deserved and is six feet under!
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    Dear OP/#3,

    I am happy you are fully satisfied with your life.This is the way to move on.Let her not get in touch with your new lover and try to wreck this relationship too.She knows she has to come back to you since that was the steadiest relationship of her life.

    Be warned.Talk to your new flame and tell her to be careful( showing her this idiot's photo), wear sun glasses or plain glasses.These days,jealous women hurl acid to damage appearance and blind the rival.
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    OP,just forgot to tell you that #2 and #6 are the same.

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